GRYB International brings SMP Parts tiltrotators to North America

Gryb Tiltrotator on display at AED Summit.

GRYB International has announced the launch of the GTR Tiltrotator. The Quebec-based company has a new agreement with Sweden’s SMP Parts to provide the North American market with co-branded tiltrotators

“We couldn’t be more excited to include the GTR series tiltrotators into our product line, this new addition will ensure that we have the right solution for our customers, every time,” said Remi Beaudoin, President, GRYB International.

Having started their history in the Scandinavian market in the 1980s and growing throughout Europe, tiltrotators are quickly gaining popularity in the US and Canada. This is largely in part to the ability to greatly increase job site efficiency, through reduced fuel and labor costs.

“With SMP’s long history, and innovation in tiltrotators, and our shared passion for providing the highest customer satisfaction, we know that we can help you improve your efficiency, lower your operating costs, and help you to dig smarter,” said Jesse Roy, Vice President of Sales, GRYB International.

GTR Tiltrotators will be offered for machines ranging from 2-30 tons and in various configurations including, an optional grab module, FC (Fast Connect) oil system and quick coupler options.

Also, the tiltrotators feature endless rotation and tilting of up to 40° in all directions. They feature a grease lubricated gear housing, requiring less maintenance and helping to avoid oil leaks resulting from broken seals.

GRYB will manufacture a complete line of attachments dedicated to the tiltrotators, including digging and grading buckets, rippers, grading beams, and grapples through Bateman Manufacturing.

According to the company, ideal markets for its range of attachments and tiltrotators include construction, ground and road work, utilities, rail, and demolition and landscaping.

GRYB International provides an extensive range of material handling solutions. Its divisions include GRYB Attachments (Victoriaville QC), Bateman Manufacturing (Oro-Medonte, ON), Winkle Industries (Alliance, OH), Shearex (Roxton Falls, QC) and Serco Loaders (Two Harbors, MN).

Additionally, GRYB Attachments offers personalized and customized on-site turn-key installation services and training. The company claims that this offering aims at fostering safe and proper operation of a customer’s new equipment attachments.

Furthermore, GRYB has an on-the-road service team that can repair attachments, no matter the brand.

According to GRYB, the distribution agreement between GRYB International and SMP Parts will bring the advantages of European design and innovation, with some of the highest quality attachments in North America.

GRYB’ss offering of a hands-on approach with customers looks to be an important attribute as it delves into the tiltrotator market, given the heightened complexity of the coupling system.

SMP Parts and the Open-S Alliance

Open-S is a common standard for the hydraulic interface between quick coupler, tiltrotator and attachments. With an open standard, machine operators and contractors can more easily choose quick couplers, tiltrotators and work tools from manufacturers that are in compliance with the standard, and be confident that they will work together.

Nearing the end of 2021, SMP Parts became a full member of the Open-S alliance. So, the tiltrotators distributed by GRYB International will feature the standardized  hydraulic interface.

“Standardization is an important part of improving both the user experience and the enhanced safety of our customers. By becoming members of the Open-S Alliance we take our responsibility in creating one global standard whereby the safety of products must never be compromised”, says Patrik Lindqvist, CEO and President of SMP Parts.

“We have had a clear goal at SMP Parts, to be one of the suppliers included in the Open-S Alliance, precisely because it both increases our competitiveness and because it gives our end customers more opportunities to use SMP products”, says Mattias Andersson, chief technical officer at SMP Parts.