Geith launches its all-new GT quick coupler

geith quick coupler

Geith is introducing its new GT (Geith Tilting) quick coupler.

The GT quick coupler is available for 2 to 27 ton excavators, and allows operators to tilt any bucket or attachment up to 180 degrees.

The fully automatic couplers, with four independent safety components, ensure a safe changeover of attachments without the need for the operator to leave the excavator cab. 

“Geith’s design and manufacturing teams produce couplers that work extremely well with excavators,” said Adrian Kelly, sales manager for Geith.

“We brought 60 years of experience and expertise to this new tilting coupler and the result is one of the safest, most productive couplers on the market with superior durability.”

The GT quick coupler includes a variable pin centre design, which allows operators to easily pick up, and swap a wide range of OEM attachments. 

As well, the coupler can reverse buckets to allow operators to excavate against walls or under pipes. This feature helps carry out landscaping with minimum disruption to the ground, as well as reduce waste and manual labour when filling pea gravel around pipes and manholes.

The compact design not only minimizes the tip radius extension, it also employs a mechanism that allows for more control of attachments with minimal drift, which, in turn, allows operators to achieve different angles and positions with ease.

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As well, front and rear safety locks are backed up by two powerful springs, which retains the attachment rear pin in case of cylinder failure. The spring activated safety locks work in all dirty environments unlike gravity systems.

“As always, we’re focused on safety,” Kelly said. “As we design new products, we look for ways Geith attachments can make a jobsite safer. All our couplers are ISO13031 safety compliant. The tilting coupler continues that tradition.”

The new attachments are now available and ready to ship from Geith’s Atlanta warehouse