Bomag adds dual swing out operator stations to 3 metre pavers


To improve visibility and the overall operator experience, Bomag has tweaked the operator’s platform on its 3 metre pavers with numerous upgrades. 

The new pavers now include Bomag’s dual swing-out operator stations, which feature the company’s Sideview innovation.

With Sideview, the seat and console swivel outward at four differing angles to deliver unobstructed views to the sides of the paver and the screed end gates. An open-grate design on the platform floor also provides the operator with a direct-line sight of the screed spreading augers. 

As well, the new 18 cm multifunction colour screen display at each console provides easy viewing of critical operating functions, gauges and parameters, plus provides fault messages for quick troubleshooting at the jobsite. 

Furthermore, new blade-type toggle switches — each controlling a single paver function— improve switch reliability. 

For quieter paving, the pavers’ new sound-insulated composite engine hood dampens sound to improve operator comfort.

As well, the hood’s sloped design provides a clear view into the hopper from the operator’s seat. Under the hood, a 260-hp Tier 4 Final engine on the wheeled machine and a 225-hp on the tracked version deliver ample power for full-width paving, while having enough power in reserve to operate the screed’s generator and lights for nighttime paving application. 

On typical applications, fuel consumption for the new highway class pavers averages less than 15.1 litres per hour. 

Simplified paver roster

Bomag has simplified its 3 metre class paver roster, reducing the number of models from four to two. The legacy CR 452 and CR 552 wheeled pavers are now replaced by the CR 1030 W paver, while the rubber track CR 462 and CR 562 pavers now bear the CR 1030 T identification. 

These adaptable pavers tackle a range of applications from highways to airport, heavy industrial and large commercial projects.  

Retaining Cedarapids DNA 

While closely identifying with the Bomag family of pavers, the new CR 1030 Series retains many of the legacy Cedarapids designs that have helped contractors meet mat smoothness specifications and productivity goals for decades.

Frame Raise and Three-Point Suspension mitigate segregation issues, improve mat quality and provide superior traction. As well, the Smartrac system found on CR 1030 T pavers automatically maintains proper track tension at all times to increase track life and decrease downtime.  

Equipped with the tried-and-true Stretch 20 hydraulically extendible screed, the machines deliver infinitely variable paving widths from 3 to 6.1 metres and a maximum paving width of 9.1 metres with extensions. 

Electric-over-hydraulic controls provide fast, simple and accurate screed adjustments, while the Stretch 20’s Screed Assist System eliminates screed setting to improve mat smoothness. New hose routing and wire harness designs improve screed system reliability in the field. 

The Bomag CR 1030 W Series have a standard 15.1-tonne hopper capacity and the robust hopper design delivers up to a 24.5-tonne capacity, when equipped with an insert. 

The CR 1030 T Series pavers have a standard 12.7 tonne hopper capacity up to a 20-tonne capacity when equipped with an insert. These new pavers come standard with a three-year subscription to Bomag Telematic.

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