Fecon launches Bull Hog specifically designed for compact excavators

Fecon Bull Hog FMX28

Fecon’s new FMX28 Bull Hog Mulcher is designed specifically for 3.5- to 8-ton compact excavators with hydraulic flows from 12-40 gpm and is optimized for the 3.5- to 5-ton range. 

This new mulcher model features 14 knife tools on a bite-limiting split ring rotor to achieve a 71-centimetre (28-inch) cutting width. Additionally, aftermarket carbide tools are available for ground engaging applications.

Ideal as an entry level vegetation management tool, the FMX28 can replace workers wielding chainsaws and hand crews, improving workplace safety and bolstering productivity, especially when working on slopes.

The rear throat is designed to ensure that no unprocessed material is left behind, which would maximize productivity when sweeping along the ground.

Capable of mulching overgrowth, underbrush and small trees up to 12.7 cm (5 in) in diameter, it is ideal for applications such as clearing property lines, pastureland and fencerows as well as invasive species removal.

Furthermore, the Fecon FMX28 expands the versatility of compact excavators by allowing them to be used on a wide variety of vegetation management projects.

Weighing in at 340 kg (750 lbs), the FMX28 features a compact body design and a downward front discharge that mitigates thrown debris.

Designed to efficiently mulch while maintaining high rotor RPMs, it spools quickly to maximize recovery and minimize downtime. Also, a variable displacement piston motor drives a polychain anti-slip belt for increased torque and a smooth cutting chamber increases material flow while minimizing horsepower draw.