FAE adds to lineup of remote-controlled explosive mine clearing equipment

FAE adds to lineup of remote-controlled explosive mine clearing equipment

FAE is enhancing its demining line by upgrading the PT-300 D:Mine remote controlled tracked carrier and introducing the new 300/FD flail demining head.

PT-300 D:Mine upgrades

The PT-300 D:Mine is a special vehicle designed to withstand the most extreme forces. It is used all over the world for explosive mine clearing and it is effective against anti-personnel and anti-tank mines, even in the toughest working conditions.

It can be equipped with a demining head and other types of FAE attachments, such as a forestry mulcher or tiller, stump cutter or dozer blade.

The 2022 update comes with some major upgrades.

First is the new Caterpillar C7.1 engine, available in 275 or 302 horsepower, depending on the emission level.

Also, there are new hydraulic pumps and upgraded electronics, including new control units and sensors.

The oil cooling system now has a single radiator with anti-clogging frame. The fan system is now proportional, reversible and equipped with hydraulic controls. The existing Load Control and Floating functions have also been electronically enhanced.

Also improved is the new PT-300 D:Mine’s remote control.  The 3.5-inch display is more advanced than before, and the ergonomic controls have been updated. The communication signal is at 2.4 GHz for a more stable and secure connection and better maneuverability.

300/FD flail demining head

Along with the new carrier, FAE has also introduced the 300/FD, a new head made specially for demining.

The 300/FD head has a flail rotor that clears mines by detonating ordinance as it comes into contact with the flails, so the power of the explosion is then concentrated on the flails. This provides one more option for industry operators.

According to FAE, these innovations offering government and military agencies, NGOs and organizations operating in active war zones around the world an increasingly effective product for reclaiming and restoring otherwise dangerous and unusable land for public use.