Epiroc introduces the DM30 XC, a blasthole drill with 33% more power

Epiroc has introduced the DM30 XC, a blasthole drill suitable for a variety of multi-pass rotary and down-the-hole (DTH) drilling applications. Built off the same platform as the Epiroc DM30 II, the DM30 XC offers 33% more power.

The DM30 XC is designed for maximum productivity and efficiency due to increased rotary torque, increased pulldown, and a larger hole range capability. The DM30 XC is built to handle a 4- to 6¼-in (101 – 159 mm) drill pipe and has a weight on bit up to 44,000 lb (20,000 kg). The heavy-duty, crawler-mounted, hydraulic top head drive drilling rig features a 30 ft (9.1 m) drill pipe change and a standard carousel.

“The DM30 XC is built tough for the most demanding jobs, and high quality at an excellent value, which is what sets it apart from other drills in its class,” said Mark Stewart, Regional Business Manager, Epiroc Surface division. “The drill is designed for mining, so the structural components will hold up to the heavy-duty cycles required in a mining drill. The robust frame and tower weldments are manufactured to last the lifetime of the machine.”

With a starter rod under the rotary head, the DM30 XC can achieve a total clean depth capacity of 148 ft (45.1 m) for multi-pass applications and 28 ft (8.5 m) for single-pass applications. Also, high efficiency and a 300-gallon fuel tank allow the rig to run for up to 16 hours before needing a refill. In addition, the smaller, compact footprint of the DM30 XC makes it easy to maneuver on tight benches and simple to transport between pits.

A spacious one-piece FOPS (Falling Object Protective Structure) rated cab with electric over hydraulic controls offers enhanced safety, visibility, and operator comfort. The DM30 XC is easy to operate, especially for drillers who have experience in other DM series machines. Also, the ergonomic controls layout allows immediate switchover from drilling to tramming mode, maximizing time available to drill.

The DM30 XC is equipped with an Electronic Air Regulation System (EARS) that provides low load start up and easy adjustment of bailing air to save horsepower and lower fuel consumption, extending power component life and decreasing total cost of ownership.

Additionally, Epiroc’s Rig Control System (RCS) Lite offers several safety and productivity features. Also, it provides a convenient foundation to add more functionality and technology options in the future without a major rebuild of the machine.

RCS Lite allows all Epiroc rotary drills to have the same onboard display and system for consistent operator training and service.