Dynapac set to start production of electric equipment for North American market

As part of the company’s accountability and commitment in helping businesses and customers reach their sustainability goals, Dynapac is preparing to start full production of electric rollers and other compact equipment by the end of 2022 specific to the North American market.

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According to the company, field validation tests conducted between 2021 and 2022 have shown the enormous potential of this new generation of powerful rollers and compact equipment.

In 2022, Dynapac already delivered the world’s first serial produced electric rollers in select European Markets, along with several compact equipment such as rammers and plates.

Dynapac’s first innovation into electric rollers dates to 2012 with a prototype machine. The market was not prepared for such innovation, however Dynapac continue to learn from the prototype and continues to develop significant advancements. As the industry and climate needs for zero emission projects are gaining momentum, Dynapac is well prepared for such and has launched the Z.ERA program, new era for emission free equipment.

Z.ERA CC900 e and CC1000 e

Dynapac claims that the introduction of the CC900 e and CC1000 e sets a clear course on the company’s path to offering more sustainable rollers with all the power and performance of their diesel counterparts.

Both rollers come with all the well-known advantages electrically powered vehicles bring with them such as increased cost savings, fewer moving parts, and maintenance—while offering a powerful battery capable of completing a full day of operation without recharging.

Also, the CC900 e and CC1000 e deliver the same static linear load, amplitude, gradeability and travel speed as the diesel-powered models on which they are based, with no compromise on productivity or job site performance.

“Specific to North American market we are emphasizing on ease of charging the battery by offering multitude of charging solutions including 110 / 240V 1 phase charging solutions and also a fast charging solution similar to electric cars,” said Vijay Palanisamy, vice president of product management and marketing. “With benefits including lower noise levels, no exhaust fumes, fewer daily maintenance points, and being easy to understand and operate, the Z.ERA range of rollers is an efficient choice for customers to achieve zero emissions at point of equipment operation.”