Wacker Neuson creates a new concept with dual view dumpers

wacker dumper

Wacker Neuson is bringing a new perspective to material handlers with the creation of the dual view dumpers. 

The unique concept allows the entire operator’s console to swivel 180 degrees, ensuring the operator is always facing the task at hand. The DV series of dumpers provide optimal visibility, regardless of the working direction or payload size.

When unloading, the operator looks in the direction of the skip, before driving, the operator swivels the seat and console so he is facing in the driving direction. 

The system is easy to operate; release the lock, and turn the entire operating platform while working, dumping or travelling. As well, the operator faces forward in road mode for maximum travel speed of up to 30 km per hour. 

The dual view concept provides a host of efficiency, safety and convenience benefits, according to Wacker Neuson. All main functions rotate with the seat, so the operator always has the adjustable steering wheel, joystick handle with skip functions, drive direction and horn, the throttle and brake pedal and the multifunctional display in the correct position for working. 

It is more efficient for the operator to rotate the seat and drive than to use time-consuming maneuvers and fuel to reposition the machine between travelling, loading and unloading.

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As well, the dual view dumpers provide an enhanced degree of safety on the jobsite, as the operator continually has an optimal view. Furthermore, a protection guard is mounted to the skip to protect the operator’s station from material or impact by loading equipment.

Wacker Neuson’s dual view dumpers will be available on the 6-ton DV60, 9-ton DV90 and 10-ton DV100 models. 

All three models feature a hydrostatic drive that offer intuitive operation and are available in either canopy or cab versions. 

The operator’s platform has ample head and legroom and the multifunctional display includes a rearview camera and lockable anti-vandalism protection. Cab models come equipped with a high-efficiency HVAC system and optional fully glazed cab to protect against elements and dust. 

Wacker Neuson wheel dumpers function like a compact dump truck with all terrain traction and improved maneuverability. The articulated machines feature dumping from the front of the skip, or the skip can be rotated 90 degrees in both directions to dump from either side. They are designed for construction, landscape, golf course, cemetery, trail and path maintenance, municipal and rental applications. 

The dual view dumpers will be available in North America later this year.