Doosan maximizes trailer space with new portable air compressor

Doosan maximizes trailer space with new portable air compressor.

Doosan Portable Power has announced the launch of the HP1600/VHP1400—a portable air compressor solution for large abrasive blasting jobs that the company believes will make transportation more convenient, maintenance easier and performance more versatile.

The HP1600/VHP1400 is five feet shorter than its predecessor. With this reduced length, two of these machines can fit on many traveling axle trailers. Also, oversized fork pockets on either side of the axles make it easier to load and unload the trailer.

“We considered all the ways we could reduce expenses and increase uptime for our customers when designing the new HP1600/VHP1400,” said Cody Blythe, Doosan Portable Power senior product specialist, air compressors. “By maximizing trailer space, end users and rental houses can get these air compressors where they’re needed with fewer trucks or trips.”

For convenient serviceability, the HP1600/VHP1400 has wide, gas-spring-assisted doors with best-in-class access to internal components. Operators can reach all fluids, filters and other common maintenance items from the ground. A simple control panel with analog gauges provides machine diagnostics that are easy to understand for customers of all experience levels. Rental houses and other large fleet owners can add telematics to the machines for increased monitoring of maintenance needs.

Performance advantages of the HP1600/VHP1400 include the Doosan Portable Power IQ System. This feature strips moisture and other contaminants from the air to meet ISO standards for abrasive blasting and other applications.

According to Doosan, rental houses will appreciate the versatility of the new Doosan Portable Power DSN1414 High Volume Airend in the HP1600/VHP1400. This airend can deliver up to 1600 cfm at 150 psi or 1400 cfm at 200 psi. This range makes it well-suited for diverse applications that include abrasive sandblasting for large infrastructure projects and powering cluster drills for water wells and mining. Buttons on the control panel allow owners to simply switch between two pre-set pressures.