Doosan adds multiple enhancements to material handler

doosan material handler
The DX225MH-5 material handler has a 1.2 metre standard fixed cab riser.

Manufactured from a tested and proven Doosan excavator model, the new DX225MH-5 material handler features enhanced fuel efficiency and productivity.

The Tier 4-compliant material handler is factory fitted with cab risers to increase visibility; straight boom and droop-nose arm for improved performance; and additional machine guarding for boosted protection.

The material handler’s straight boom improves reach and lift height for better material placement. Droop-nose arms provide enhanced grapple and magnet access into containers, trucks and railcars, with either a grapple or magnet attachment.

Machine features such as dual-boom cylinders and under-mount arm cylinder placement provide excellent lifting capabilities for material handler operators.

A better view

Operators have enhanced all-around visibility to the attachment and work area from the material handler’s cab riser. The DX225MH-5 material handler has a 1.2 metre standard fixed cab riser with an optional 1.8 metre cab riser or 2 metre hydraulic cab riser.

The cab riser allows operators to raise or lower the cab to match the specific task. Raising the cab may be beneficial when an operator is loading debris in a truck or container and wants to ensure the material is being distributed equally to maximize the space.

Product enhancements for DX225MH-5 material handlers include the following:

  • Floor pedal: adds optional way for operators to activate two-way auxiliary hydraulics.
  • Ergonomic joystick: improves operator comfort and ease of use.
  • Rear camera: enhances rear visibility.
  • Camera monitor: allows operators to monitor machine information while the camera is active,
  • Alternator upgrade: provides 80 amps for improved performance.
  • Emergency stop relocated: makes it easier for operators to reach on the seat base.
  • Auto shutdown: saves fuel when the machine is not working.
  • Optional V-shape side guard: adds extra protection to the doors and exterior of the machine.
  • Optional generator set: generates power for use with a magnet attachment.

doosan material handlerA 5/8-cubic-yard grapple is approved for use with the DX225MH-5 and features a semi-closed tine design for a firm grasp on most materials. The 360-degree hydraulic rotating four-tine grapple increases productivity in material-handling applications.

The tines are designed with AR400 high-strength, abrasion-resistant steel for increased durability, and the tine tips are replaceable for easier maintenance. Connecting grapples to Doosan material handlers is simplified with a hose kit and mount. As well, two-pump hydraulic flow provides power to operate the grapple.

A Winkle magnet is also approved to pick up and place smaller scrap metal. The magnet is powered by an optional generator, which energizes power to the magnet.

Multiple power modes

The DX225MH-5 allows operators to match fuel consumption and machine power to working conditions with four selectable power modes, including:

  • Power+ mode: delivers the fastest workgroup speeds and greater power for demanding material moving applications.
  • Power mode: provides superior performance for tough heavy-lifting, quick truck-loading and  travel speed.
  • Standard power mode: enhances the machine’s fuel consumption while delivering high performance in everyday lifting and moving of material.
  • Economy mode: helps reduce fuel consumption for low-demand applications and slows down machine movement for conditions that require more precise movements.

In addition, the new DX225MH-5 material handler features a lifting work mode. The lifting work mode provides increased pump torque, low engine rpm and an automatic power boost to improve precision when lifting and placing materials.

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