Disc Mulcher Pro X goes from zero to 1,000 rpm in seconds

the diamond mowers disc mulcher pro on a Bobcat ctl

Diamond Mowers says its new Disc Mulcher Belt Drive Pro X is capable of quickly obliterating anything in its path without slowing down. 

The new attachment for large frame skid steers or CTLs can go from 0 to 1,000 rpm in a matter of seconds. 

“Reinforcing Diamond Mowers’ reputation for building a first-rate mulcher, this game-changing attachment outpaces, outpowers and outclasses anything else on the market,” said Dan Stachel, Executive Vice President of Diamond Mowers.

“Because we know time is money and productivity drives profitability, we designed this machine to work as hard as the people who use it.”

Designed for professional mulching contractors in land clearing, vegetation and forestry management, the new Disc Mulcher BD Pro X couples a belt drive with a two-speed hydraulic motor to increase torque and disc speed. This allows its user to take full advantage of the mulcher’s potential. 

To ensure optimal productivity, the disc speeds up during re-processing and back-dragging, enabling operators to finish the job in less time. The belt drive system acts as a torque multiplier that prevents the machine from slowing down when slicing through large materials and enables it to recover quickly. As well, an AR 400 bolt-on replaceable liner helps to reduce abrasion on the shell from thrown materials.

“Based on our testing, this new Disc Mulcher BD Pro X delivers torque values two to three times higher than the industry has ever seen,” Stachel said. “It also spools up two to three times faster than Diamond Mowers’ previous top-tier 160 cc motor for 20 to 30 per cent more productivity.”

Disc Mulcher visibility

The Disc Mulcher BD Pro X features enhanced forward visibility to ensure operators do not hit rocks and can better position the head on trees. Its efficient design also promotes lower hydraulic temperatures for exceptional efficiency and durability.

“Increased performance has historically come at the expense of overheating,” Stachel explained. “The efficient design of this new attachment actually reduces hydraulic oil temperatures compared to other disc mulchers, allowing operators to work longer in hot weather without the downtime associated with overheating.”

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Diamond Mowers’ new Disc Mulcher BD Pro X is available in a 1.5 metre cutting width to slice through trees and brush up to 35 cm in diameter and mulch material up to 15 cm.

It attaches to large frame skid-steers and compact track loaders and is paired with a 107 cc variable displacement bent axis piston motor to match its hydraulic flow of 121 to 189 litres per minute. While Diamond Mower’s Four-Point Hardened Steel Teeth are standard, users can swap them for Twin Maul Carbide Teeth to absorb impact and ensure the right bite for every application.

“Our customer-centric approach is built around improving processes and introducing new solutions to better serve their needs,” Stachel said. “By continuously innovating our products, we can assure that our customers’ jobs will be easier, more productive, and more profitable than before.”