Deere enhances its largest dozers with new blades and undercarriages

John Deere Dozer

John Deere has rolled out new product updates for its 950K and 1050K dozers. 

Enhanced with the customer in mind, the dozer updates are designed to improve productivity, durability and operator satisfaction. 

The new features for the largest dozers in Deere’s lineup include a suspended double-bogie undercarriage, new Extended Life undercarriage options and updated blades.

“Our time spent on customer sites has allowed us to confidently design an undercarriage for the 1050K that drastically improves operability and productivity on rough terrain,” said Matt Goedert, solutions marketing manager at John Deere.

“With the updates to the 950K and 1050K machines, such as the Extended Life undercarriage life option, we’re delivering increased machine uptime, while also significantly enhancing the operator experience.”

The 950K dozer features 265 to 280 hp, an operating weight of 29,606 kg to 33,431 kg and up to 3.4 metres of track on ground.

The 1050K is powered by a 350 hp Tier 4 Final engine, and features an operating weight range of 43,270 to 43,590 kg as well as 3.4 metres of track on ground. 

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Double-bogie track frame

The suspended double-bogie track frame on the 1050K improves ride quality. Featuring a second layer of bogies, new isolators and refined geometry, the 1050K delivers increased durability and a smoother ride that reduces fatigue for operators on long shifts.

Extended Life undercarriage

Another update for both the 950K and 1050K dozers is the Extended Life undercarriage option. A successful option on the smaller dozer models, the Extended Life undercarriage features the John Deere SC-2-coated track chain bushings, which are produced using a proprietary coating that forms a hard shell. The SC-2-coated bushings deliver up to twice the wear life of standard bushings, significantly increasing machine uptime.

As well, the 1050K Semi-U blade now features a more productive profile. The new blade profile delivers several benefits, including increased capacity with improved roll performance and standard cast end bits.

The new profile of the  Semi-U blade reduces material plugging and carries more dirt where it needs to go with every pass, boosting machine productivity.

Other updates include a 950K stockpiling configuration addition and exterior hose upgrades. Intended for coal handling and wood chip applications, the new factory stockpiling configuration for the 950K provides specialized sheet metal guarding to increase protection from material spilling over the blade and falling through the horizontal hood perforations and grille. The configuration also includes a special high-debris cooling package. 

For both the 950K and 1050K, Deere has upgraded the exterior hoses, offering improved flexibility and extended durability in cold-weather environments.