Cat’s 140 GC grader merges performance with low operating costs

caterpillar grader

The new Cat 140 GC motor grader is designed to combine high performance with low owning and operating costs. 

The 140 GC is equipped with Cat’s C7.1 engine, 6F/3R automatic power-shift transmission, which eliminates the inching pedal, and a precisely designed hydraulic system that ensures balanced performance in all operating situations. 

The grader is also equipped with an eco operating mode and demand-fan to reduce fuel consumption. Extended maintenance intervals further reduce operating costs. 

With 45 years of refinement, the 140 GC’s conventional steering wheel and lever controls provide familiarity and ensure positive control. 

The control console adjusts to the operator’s preference, and the heating and cooling system option dehumidifies and pressurizes the cab, while circulating fresh air and sealing out dust. Seat upgrades include mechanical or air suspension. A static seat is standard.

An optional low-profile cab provides more overhead for transportation or jobsite needs. 

No-spin differential

The 140 GC’s standard no-spin differential activates without operator input to increase traction in poor ground conditions and to protect drivetrain components from damage. 

As well, the all-wheel-drive option provides added performance in rough terrain or poor underfoot conditions. Optional guarding protects the 140 GC grader from damage in demanding applications.

Optimized machine balance ensures maximum drawbar power to the ground. 

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The standard drawbar circle moldboard provides long service life, with replaceable wear strips that maintain system integrity.  Adding the 4.3 metre moldboard option offers more road coverage. 

Digital Blade Slope Meter is another option, which takes the guesswork out of slope control and keeps the jobsite safer by eliminating manual grade checks. 

Furthermore, the optional Cat Detect with Vision System uses a rearview camera to show a wide view behind the machine.

A reversing fan option prevents material build up by the rear door intake screen and helps reduce cleaning maintenance for the motor grader’s cooling system.

Oil-bath, multi-disc service brakes are hydraulically-actuated for smooth, predictable braking and lower operating costs. Furthermore, the circle-drive slip clutch option protects the pinion drive and circle teeth from potential damage.

The Circle Saver option reduces daily greasing requirements and protects the circle and pinion, significantly reducing the potential for damage.

Optional guarding protects the 140 GC motor grader from damage in demanding applications.