CAT previews its new D11 XE dozer at MINExpo

The new CAT D11 XE brings everything you love about the classic D11, with upgrades that include an electric drive.

At MINExpo, CAT is showcasing the new version of the classic dozer, demonstrating the roots of things like its reduced fuel costs and longer rebuild cycles.

Fewer parts, longer rebuild cycles

According to CAT, The D11 XE delivers the lowest cost per ton operation in dozing applications.

The company claims fleet managers will see a reduction in fuel costs of up to 25% when compared to the previous model.

Additionally, the rebuild cycle is another thing that CAT looks to improve in this model. It claims that the new design will offer 20% longer rebuild cycles.

Also, the new dozer’s modular design simplifies maintenance through improved serviceability of the powertrain.

So, with 60% fewer moving parts, the D11 XE will require fewer touches. According to CAT, this will result in better machine uptime availability.

CAT D11 XE pushing large rock.

D11 XE technology

The D11 XE integrates CAT powertrain, CAT electronics, CAT software and CAT controls

Also, the D11 XE features electronic architecture that allows it to use MineStar Command. This telematics system for mining offers both remote control and semiautonomous dozing.

The D11 XE is currently operating at Caterpillar’s dozer proving grounds in Peoria, Ill., and will then complete an extensive field validation plan before entering full production.