Cat adds new features to its mid-sized asphalt compactors

A cat asphalt compactor builds a road

Cat has updated its CB7, CB8 and CB10 mid-sized asphalt compactors with new features, including edge-management options, operator cab, optional split drums and a new mapping display.

Asphalt compaction can make or break a project and meeting the required density and smoothness specifications can be essential to maximizing profitability. 

Proper management of unconfined edges can help optimize density and lead to better road quality. The vertical edge created by the cut-off wheel helps provide a stable vertical face for joint matching on the next paving pass.

The bevel edge options provide sloped profiles for smoother transitions on and off the paved surface. Three versions are available to help contractors meet job site requirements. 

Mapping display 

The new mapping display provides an enhanced on-screen visual for easier recognition and touchscreen capability for simplified setup. Cat Compact helps operators visualize the coverage area while recording pass-count and temperature data.

The system utilizes infrared temperature sensors and GPS mapping to keep the operator informed of current mat temperatures, machine position, pass-count and pass coverage.

This intuitive system enhances nighttime performance, while also capturing data for future process analysis and quality control documentation. When combined with drum edge and drum surface lighting, Cat Compact helps extend the workday and increase daily production. 

Making turns

Making tight turns on hot asphalt can result in mat tearing that can lead to quality issues. The dual split-drum option on the front drum can help eliminate tears when manoeuvring around obstacles or when compacting tight turns by reducing the speed of the inner drum half.

The split drum option can be a great solution for parking lots, driveway approaches and other applications that require frequent turning. 

VisionLink is a cloud-based software application that provides data to a desktop or mobile device, taking the guesswork out of fleet management with key insights to maximize performance – regardless of fleet size or equipment manufacturer.

The system provides maintenance needs, machine hours, location, fuel usage, idle time, diagnostic codes and other machine data to your mobile device, desktop or through an API to other software applications.

The three mid-sized asphalt compactors also include an AM/FM Bluetooth radio, heated seat and spacious legroom, unobstructed sight lines and climate control functions.