Case brings back its Construction King backhoe loaders

A case Construction King backhoe at work

Case Construction Equipment is reviving its “Construction King” backhoe loaders with the introduction of five new machines for the North American market.

The Case Utility Plus and the CASE 580SV Construction King centre pivot models are immediately available. Case will introduce three additional models later this year, including 580SV Construction King side shift, and two 695SV Construction King models — one with centre pivot and one with side shift.

“The Case backhoe was the original two-in-one machine, and 65 years later we’re experiencing workforce challenges and more diverse jobsite needs — all with a focus on efficiency — that is driving a true revolution for the backhoe market,” said George MacIntyre, product manager for Case Construction Equipment.

“Once the hero for the owner/operator, we’re providing even more backhoe loader options now that make these machines extremely attractive for businesses who are having trouble finding skilled operators, and who could benefit from the lower owning and operating costs of having all that functionality in a single machine.”

The new Construction King models add to the existing lineup of N Series backhoes.

Case Utility Plus

The all-new Utility Plus delivers full-sized backhoe performance in an efficient platform that’s easy to own and maintain. The new 74 hp machine features a large cab with sightlines to all work areas, a maintenance-free emissions system (no DPF and no DEF), and controls that include a choice of pilot or mechanical.

Mechanical controls are offered for the more experienced operators who like that traditional backhoe feel, while pilot controls are available for rental businesses and contractors with less-experienced operators.

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“You could call this an entry-level machine, but it performs and delivers options like a full-sized backhoe,” MacIntyre said.

“We’ve built it so that you can focus on simplicity, ideal for rental applications and businesses where this isn’t a daily production tool, but also committed to options such as the Extendahoe and attachment performance via one-way auxiliary hydraulics on the dipper for businesses that want to use this machine for more. It’s built to be versatile and allow equipment owners to build up from a simple base model.”

Case 580SV Construction King

The all-new Case 580SV Construction King brings a tool carrier-style front end back to the Case backhoe line in North America.

This backhoe is ideal for businesses who use the loader end of their backhoe as a primary material handler – loading and unloading pallets, moving pipe and other bundled material around the yard.

Adding a 4-in-1 bucket, a 6-in-1 bucket, or any of the countless attachments available for Case backhoes turns this into a multi-purpose jobsite solution. The new centre pivot model is immediately available to the North American market, and Case will be rolling out a side-shift model later in 2023.

“At 97 horsepower, the Case 580SV Construction King is a simple yet robust addition to any backhoe fleet and, like the Utility Plus, can be optioned up into a more premium backhoe experience with features such as the Extendahoe and Auto-Ride Control,” MacIntyre said.

The side-shift model, available later in 2023, will deliver more jobsite flexibility and performance in confined spaces. The Case 580SV Construction King side shift will feature in-line vertical stabilizers for offset digging and working in applications where operators have to get right up against structures, or take up less space, such as in roadside utility work.

“The combination of in-line stabilizers and a backhoe digging boom that can shift from side to side allows operators to get right up against buildings and structures and takes up even less space on roadside applications with stabilizers that operate within the footprint of the machine,” MacIntryre said.

New models coming soon

Later this year, Case will introduce the 695SV Construction King models, including a centre-pivot model and a side-shift model.

The 695SV Construction King is a larger, more powerful backhoe loader with four-wheel steer and equally sized tires.

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The four-wheel steer and large tires make it an ideal machine for loading operations while offering the versatility to switch out loader and backhoe attachments. It also includes the parallel lift tool carrier style loader arms for more intense material handling operations.

“It’s perfect for municipalities and larger construction sites that need to effectively perform both loader and backhoe operations,” MacIntyre said. “As these new models hit the market, Case will have one of the largest and most diverse backhoe offerings in the industry.”