Brokk enters the hydraulic breaker market

hydraulic breakerFor the first time ever, Brokk has introduces its own hydraulic breaker series.

The full lineup of eight breaker models is matched to Brokk’s full range of demolition robots.

The new Brokk Hydraulic Breaker (BHB) series start with the 55-kg light BHB 55 breaker that delivers 750 to 1,700 blows per minute for the compact Brokk 60 demolition robot. The new breaker series maxes out at the 700-kg heavy BHB 705, which delivers 600 to 1,050 blows per minute, for the recently introduced Brokk 500 and Brokk 520D demolition robots.

Like Brokk’s demolition robots, a key feature of the Brokk Hydraulic Breakers is the power-to-weight performance. The breakers are lightweight and compact, yet powerful enough to perform like heavier breakers.

The new Brokk series of hydraulic breakers are perfectly matched with their respective Brokk demolition robot. And since the demolition robot and the breaker are designed to work together, Brokk claims it now has the ability to deliver even more demolition performance from their line of demolition machines.

“As the leading benchmark in the industry for compact demolition, it makes sense for us to now take the step to introduce our own lineup of powerful hydraulic breakers to match the power and performance of unique demolition robots,” said Martin Krupicka, president and CEO of Brokk Group. “By pairing our industry-leading Brokk demolition robots with their respective Brokk hydraulic breaker, we can assure maximum demolition performance for our customers.”

The first breakers from the BHB series were introduced together with the all-new Brokk 170, Brokk 200 and Brokk 300 demolition robots earlier this year. Now, the Brokk Hydraulic Breaker range is complete and available for Brokk’s full range of demolition robots.

The four machines announced earlier this year were the biggest product launch in the demolition robot company’s history

“The introduction of these four machines not only represents the biggest product launch in Brokk’s history, it also redefines what has been considered possible to achieve in terms of power-to-weight performance ratio for demolition robots,” Krupicka said.