Brandt introduces new dedicated pin grabber coupler

Brandt Equipment Solutions has added a dedicated pin grabber coupler to its Hard-To-The-Core John-Deere-optimized attachment lineup.

The all-new coupler design has been added to ensure that John Deere Construction & Forestry dealers are able to provide the safest, fastest-cycling coupler on the market for their customers.

The coupler is fully compliant with ISO 13031, EN 474, AS 4772 safety standards – the only one in the industry.

“Couplers are subjected to a lot of hard use on the jobsite and that wear-and-tear can easily result in safety concerns,” said Neil Marcotte, Brandt Industries senior vice president for sales – manufactured products.

“We made this new unit exceptionally strong and with fewer moving parts to ensure the industry’s safest, most secure connection, every time.”

Brandt’s coupler design includes a rear wedge to keep the rear pin secured without relying on gravity. This prevents a swinging attachment in the event of a hydraulic failure. As well, a hydraulic check valve has been added to the coupler to maintain pressure in the cylinders in the event of hydraulic hose breakage until proper function is restored.

To secure the pin, the dedicated pin grabber coupler’s internal safety-lock is spring-engaged and hydraulically released to keep the rear wedge in place. To prevent accidental attachment drops, the hydraulic interlock requires the coupler to be fully curled towards the cab in order to be disengaged.

The dedicated pin grabber coupler works seamlessly with all John Deere excavator models from 80-Series to 400-Series, delivering a perfect fit with all Brandt, OEM and OEM-compliant attachments.

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With more than 100 locations, Brandt is the world’s largest privately-owned John Deere Construction & Forestry equipment dealer.