Brandt debuts its new lineup of heavy haul trailers at ConExpo 

an excavator loaded onto one of the new Brandt trailers
The C550 55-ton construction trailer

Before Brandt introduced its new line of heavy haul trailers, its engineers turned to its customers to ensure they created a product that’s tailored to the demands of the heavy haul industry. 

The result is the Work Ready line of heavy haul trailers that feature a full range of open-deck models with mechanical, hydraulic or fixed goosenecks, multiple lengths, widths and capacities, as well as jeeps, boosters and other custom configurations. 

“Four years ago, contractors and heavy haul truckers told us they needed more reliable trailers that would help them get the job done faster. We listened,” said Shaun Semple, CEO of the Brandt Group of Companies. 

“With that valuable feedback, Brandt engineers created purpose-built trailers with unique innovations to increase productivity and make the workday easier for operators.”

At ConExpo, Brandt unveiled its C550 55-ton construction trailer and the H850 85-ton square-tail trailer. 

The H850 has a narrow, low-profile gooseneck to load equipment further forward to balance the load, and the C550 delivers the largest deck well in the industry to haul a variety of equipment with ease. 

“Few manufacturers would jump right into the ring and stick their neck out on an 85-ton multi-axle trailer, but with 100 years of manufacturing and engineering experience, we decided to go big or go home,” said Russell Solomon, Brandt’s Director of Sales for the United States.

Through a collaborative product design process, Brandt consulted extensively with customers to create heavy haul trailers that meet the needs, as well as solve common problems, of transporting heavy equipment.   

“To be successful, we must deliver innovative solutions that quickly meet the needs of our customers,” Solomon said. 

The Brandt design process

The initial consultation phase began with focus groups comprised of owners, operators and dealers from several target industries. 

“We ask ‘what do you want? What do you need? What doesn’t work on your product now?’ Then we take those ideas work them through,” Solomon said. “There’s a lot of customers involved in this.” 

Once feedback is received, a detailed design is created that aims to address the requests of the customer base. From there, Brandt builds a prototype and begins a validation process of the equipment. 

“We’ll bring those customers back in again and ask what they like,” Solomon said. “A lot of the time, we will have to make some changes.” 

A common concern from owners and operators was the need for more durable paint and more durable electrical harness. 

“No matter who we talked to, those are the two things that came up,” said Brett Burke, Brandt’s Platform Team Lead for heavy haul trailers.

To remedy the issue, Brandt weather sealed the electrical connections, and reduced connectors when possible. To improve paint durability, Brandt is using a powder-coating process that starts with a zinc-based gel coat, followed by a baked-on topcoat. 

“Every component we paint is individually coated. It’s the most complete coverage you can get,” Burke said. 

Quick connection

To ensure a simplified trailer connection, Brandt eliminated linkages and created a less complex drive lug design that provides a perfect connection every time, even on unlevel ground. 

“This allows simple hook up and disconnect, even if one side of the deck has sunk eight inches in the ground after loading an excavator,” Burke said. “One customer said they used to do six loads a day, now they’re doing eight.”

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Brandt’s customers also requested a trailer capable of hauling different sizes of equipment. To accommodate the request, the Work Ready trailers are designed with jeeps and boosters to ensure the trailer adapts to the required load. For example, the H850 features a pin-off axle on the jeep allowing it to operate as a 10-axle 65 ton or 13-axle 85-ton trailer. 

“Instead of waiting around for that next 85-ton load, you’re hauling the lighter stuff,” Burke said. “You’re keeping it utilized. It’s not sitting around in the yard waiting for the next load. 

Easy operation

The trailers are also built to handle paved or gravel roads. The suspension is adjustable to change ground clearance from 13 cm to 20 cm with the touch of a lever.

“You can handle the city as well as the construction site,” Burke said.  

As well, all controls are located on the driver side for fast access, while ramps are spring loaded and deployable with one hand. 

All grease and service points are accessible from the side, eliminating the need to crawl underneath the trailer.

“Our serviceability is second to none,” Solomon said. 

To reduce the overall weight without comprising strength, each trailer is built using T100 steel. 

This Work Ready trailer lineup is available to customers through Brandt’s dealer network, as well as independent dealerships across North America.