Bobcat debuts new MT100 mini track loader

Bobcat is expanding its product offering with the introduction of the new MT100 mini track loader.

The new mini track loader is ideal for digging, trenching, backfilling and moving material in tight-fitting jobsites. This machine is a reliable replacement for manual labour and wheelbarrows in tight areas where larger equipment won’t fit.

Powered by a Tier 4 diesel engine and an efficient hydraulic system, the new mini track loader delivers fast cycle times, strong breakout force and excellent pushing ability, according to Bobcat.

The MT100 has a rated operating capacity of 453.5 kg and comes standard with removable counterweights, which can be mounted in the undercarriage or at the rear of the machine on the uprights, to increase lifting performance. As well, the MT100 is equipped with a completely new, more durable undercarriage that does not require daily maintenance.

At 91 cm wide with standard narrow tracks, the MT100 mini track loader offers the combination of an easy-to-use machine with a less-intimidating size.

Attachment interfaces

The new mini track loader features the Bob-Tach attachment mounting system, which allows the use of a wide assortment of Bobcat attachments on the machine. The Bob-Tach system uses an over-center latch mechanism and wear-compensating pins to allow the proper attachment-to-carrier fitment.

The MT100 also features Bobcat’s Common Industry Interface design which offers operators the ability to exchange attachments as jobs change. Combining over-center latches with pin-on design provides simple and confident attachment-to-carrier connection.

MT100 mini track loader specs:

  • Horsepower: 24.8 hp
  • Operating weight: 1,538 kg
  • Rated operating capacity: 453.5 kg
  • Hydraulic pressure: 2,900 psi
  • Length (with bucket): 2.7 metres
  • Width: 91 cm (narrow tracks); 104 cm (wide tracks)
  • Height: 139 cm

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MT100 track options

The MT100 is available with two different track sizes to provide operators with their preferred combination of performance and comfort when traveling over established surfaces or adverse ground conditions.

The standard narrow tracks keep the machine’s width to 91 cm. Depending on the size of the attachment, operators can navigate through doorways and fence gates.

A ground pressure of 5.25 psi provides good protection for most turf and finished surfaces.

As well, optional wide tracks further reduce ground pressure and increase machine stability. At j3.97 psi, operators can achieve the lightest possible footprint for sensitive surfaces – and the mini track loader is still only 104 cm wide when equipped with the wide track option.


The MT100 has a completely new, more durable undercarriage that requires no daily maintenance.

The mini track loaders’ rollers are permanently sealed and constantly bathed in oil for permanent lubrication. As well, the surfaces of rollers and idlers are heat treated to minimize the wear and tear of typical use, which extend the life of the track system.

Plus, the Bobcat MT100 allows operators to gain tool-free access to routine maintenance areas, like coolant, fuel, oil and hydraulic fluid levels, by simply lifting the hood. They can quickly check coolant, fuel, oil and hydraulic fluid levels so they can be back on the job faster.

To enhance comfort, Bobcat equipped the MT100 mini track loader with

ergonomic ISO joystick controls and enhanced performance features, including optimized roller spacing on the track system, which improves overall ride quality.

Furthermore, an integrated ride-on platform gives operators a wider view to the sides, as well as to the bucket cutting edge or attachment.