ASV and Yanmar expand company synergy with launch of next-gen RT-50

ASV Holdings Inc has introduced a new generation of the company’s RT-50 Posi-Track loader, now powered by a Yanmar engine.

This new machine boasts 53.8 horsepower, an 8% increase compared to the previous model and offers improved serviceability allowing owners to have the Yanmar engine serviced at ASV dealers.

In addition, the new RT-50 features new comfort, visibility and performance features. The Yanmar-powered RT-50 is ideally suited for work in tight spaces in industries such as landscaping, construction and snow clearing.

“We often hear from customers that our RT-50 is the perfect blend of performance and mobility. Now, with the additional horsepower and new convenience features, that performance factor is dialed to eleven,” said Buck Storlie, ASV Holdings Inc product manager. “And that’s before even mentioning the world-renowned reliability of the new Yanmar engine.”

Power & productivity

The repowered RT-50 features a more powerful 53.8-horsepower 3-cylinder turbo charged Tier 4 Yanmar engine­.

In terms of size and proportions, the machine features a 58.5-inch width, 9.1-foot lift height, a 1,400-lbs rated operating capacity and a 7.1 mph top speed.

The RT-50’s quick-attach fits a wide variety of attachments. New to the machine is an optional hydraulic quick attach that allows operators to change attachments from the cab. Also, the loader’s compact size allows it to be conveniently towed behind a 1/2-ton pickup truck, a fact that makes its performance capabilities even more impressive.

Variable auxiliary hydraulic flow comes standard, and the machine can operate efficiently at a high auxiliary circuit flow rate, powered by 13.3-gpm of pump capacity and 3,000 psi of system pressure.

Further, ASV eliminates labour-intensive belt servicing through the use of a direct drive pump. This, along with the machine’s large lines and hydraulic coolers, transfers more flow and pressure directly to the attachment to help prevent power loss.

The RT-50 is tested to operate at full load 100% of the time in ambient temperatures from -40° up to 118° F.

Serviceability and reliability

The RT-50’s Yanmar engine can be serviced at ASV dealers. The ability to maintain the engine through ASV’s network of dealers gives customers more options when engine maintenance is required on a Yanmar engine.

According to ASV, the RT-50 was designed so operators can spend less time dealing with servicing and maintenance.

Its rear-tilting hood offers easy access to maintenance points, including filters, oil and fuel tank reservoirs, hydraulic and water separator drains and the battery.

The compact track loader is built with a heavy-duty frame, drive table and axles. The RT-50 features new wiring harness routing for additional durability. The drive hose routing and chassis sealing are designed for reduced rubbing, creating fewer line breaks and boosting hose longevity. Metal-face seals on the front and back ensure the drive hubs do not require maintenance for the life of the machine. An optional bumper or bumper and limb riser can be added for additional hood protection in tough applications, such as rental or brush cutting.

ASV offers a 2-year, 2,000-hour warranty, which includes a no-derailment guarantee and covers the tracks.

Comfort and ease of operation

The repowered RT-50 brings brand new comfort features to its compact cab. A single-sided lap bar makes entry and exit easier and provides operators with more hip room. Partially adjustable armrests and a tall cab improves comfort for operators of different sizes. The pressurized cab option also provides a cleaner in-cab environment. Optional all-weather cabs include heat and air conditioning. ASV also offers additional comfort features, including a cup holder, phone mount and DC outlet.

A new 4.3-inch color display and standard hydraulic joystick controls puts full command of the machine in reach of the operator.

The machine also includes visibility improvements over its predecessor. A new frameless front door includes floor-to-ceiling glass area, allowing operators to better see their work and attachments. The cab’s large side and rear windows provide additional lines of sight and an optional backup camera is available to replace the standard rear-view mirror.


ASV’s Posi-Track system features a flexible track and an open-rail and internal positive drive-sprocket undercarriage, allowing for greater traction, longer wear life and faster, more convenient undercarriage cleaning.

Posi-Track loaders also have a high number of ground contact points, spreading the machine’s weight evenly. As a result, the RT-50 features an industry-low 3.0 psi ground pressure, reducing the risk of damage to turf. Optional smooth turf tracks allow for use on sensitive turf and minimizing the risk of damage. The low ground pressure leads to better flotation and traction on steep, slippery and wet ground. It also enhances control and pushing capabilities. The wide, flexible track maintains more contact with the ground than other designs, helping to virtually eliminate the risk of track derailment.