Ammann simplifies operation of its light tandem rollers


Ammann has introduced a new series of light tandem rollers that are easy to operate, transport and maintain. 

The rollers retain their ability to work in-line or offset, enabling compaction against curbs and other obstructions.

The new double drum roller lineup includes the ARX 12-2, ARX 16-2 and ARX 20-2. The combination version ARX 16-2C was also released, which uses a steel drum in front and pneumatic tires in the rear for higher machine traction and improved sealing of surfaces.

The rollers are powered by 21 hp Kubota engines that meet Stage 5 and Tier 4 Final emissions standards. A new vibratory circuit setting delivers expanded vibratory frequencies that facilitate quicker compaction.

“The new setting enables vibratory frequencies to increase 3 per cent at low frequency and 6 per cent at high frequency,” said Vlastimil Medek, global product strategy at Ammann. “Improved impact spacing also optimizes compaction quality.”

The rollers’ controls are logically located and intuitive. Switches for lights and vibration have been repositioned for optimal access. As well, a new armrest with updated layout and integrated functions, including the parking brake, helps even new operators succeed.

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“ARX dashboards and controls are consistent with other Ammann models, making it easy for crew members to switch between machines,” Medek said. “This is particularly important for the rental market and when dealing with inexperienced operators.”

Another key improvement is effortless switching between drive modes. In previous generations, such action required a service technician or dealer rep. The modes can now be changed easily.

Soft drive enables smooth, steady adjustments to directional changes – particularly important when working on asphalt. Hard drive responds quickly to directional changes, while panic stop idles the machine if the operator makes very sudden directional change or significantly adjusts the travel lever position.

The rollers are also equipped with front and rear rubber buffers, which protect lights and scrapers. 

The buffers have been thickened and widened and moved to a central location. As well, lights are set in the machine frame for added protection, and directional and working lights have been centralized. The articulation joint lock has been redesigned and repositioned for better protection. 

When preparing to transport the machines, vibration is automatically disabled when in loading or transport mode. A higher central lifting point is easier to access and expanded lashing points simplify securing the machines.

Draining points have been relocated to external locations, preventing spills and reducing maintenance time by 75 per cent. For convenient access, the battery disconnect switch is at the main base of the engine.

Like previous generations of Ammann ARX Light tandem rollers, the machines can operate with offset or in-line drum configurations.

Offset requires operators watch only one drum, knowing the second will be a safe distance from an obstruction. This results in cohesive compaction up to the barrier. The in-line setting, which enables equal distribution of compaction forces, is preferred on more open jobsites.

“These are the rollers that crews put to work when they need to achieve compaction right up to an obstruction,” Medek said.

A new, orange safety belt aids in monitoring whether crew members are properly secured. A redesigned ROPS lock protects operators and reduces noise, and a large handle makes it easier to access the machine.