American Augers’ DD600 HDD meets evolving jobsite requirements

The American Augers DD600

Horizontal directional drill (HDD) operators can improve their jobsite uptime and meet a variety of new jobsite requirements with the new DD600 maxi-rig directional drill from American Augers.

Replacing American Auger’s DD440T, the DD600 is designed with customer-focused features to enhance the power and performance of the current industry standard in HDD maxi rigs.

“The new DD600 directional drill incorporates many features and updates that came at the request of our customers,” said Richard Levings, American Augers Product Manager.

“This latest drill further increases the power and performance capabilities that come with owning an American Augers drill. The DD600 is setting a new standard for productivity in the maxi-rig industry.”

One of the most notable features of the new DD600 is the 755 hp Stage V Cat C18 engine that does not require diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) — the only machine of its kind in this class.

The simple exhaust system increases uptime and reliability, eliminating daily jobsite struggles with DEF. Additionally, the engine allows for higher demand loads without challenging the engine capacity and the Stage V engine classification meets emission standards for engines in Europe.

With transportation in mind, the HDD maintains a small, mobile footprint on the jobsite. The weight of DD600 meets standard transportation requirements, meaning no special permits are required to transport the machine. The DD600 can also be transported without removing the wrenches, saving hours in assembly and disassembly time.

To reduce the time and number of people required for setup and tear down, the HDD features a hydraulic catwalk. Together, these features allow operators to work efficiently and versatilely to meet the needs of jobsites both big and small.

The DD600 is designed for a wide-range of projects offering operators the flexibility and versatility to tackle both smaller and larger-scale jobs. From compact jobsites to boring long distances and installing larger pipes, the DD600 ensures a seamless operation throughout.

American Augers builds the largest category of horizontal directional drills in the industry and a full range of auger boring machines and fluid cleaning systems.