Koehring Dumptor

a Koehring dumptor

Pictured here in the mid-1930s is a Koehring Dumptor and crawler cable shovel on a Dufferin Paving Ltd. contract in Northern Ontario with the Department of Highways.  

While the Dumptor hauler was developed for short runs in mines and tunnelling projects, it also saw duty in quarries and road construction jobs.

With its ability to shuttle from loading area by shovel to dump area without turning, it was a great hauler on tight work situations.

Another idea in that era was to have a gravity dump system that when the operator braked, he pulled a lever to unload the 5.5 cubic-metre dump body by ejection. 

It was a time saving hauling method from its inception in the 1920s. No hydraulic systems were used to unload, but it worked up until to the early1950s. 

Dufferin’s early model shown here was powered by a Case gas engine, while later models were mostly equipped with GM 4-71 diesel engines.

The Koehring Co. produced the Dumptor in machines with various sizes until the late 1960s, with updates such as dual-controls and hydraulic dump bodies. The Dumptor operator shown here had to have great trust in the shovel operator!

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