New tech for Teck Resources BC coal operation

teck resources

Teck Resources is incorporating the RCT ControlMaster Teleremote solution for use at one of its steelmaking coal operations in British Columbia’s Elk Valley region.

The ControlMaster Teleremote solution was installed on a Caterpillar D11T dozer and a Caterpillar 390D hydraulic excavator. The two machines are operating at the Teck Resources open pit, steelmaking coal truck and shovel operation at the company’s Coal Mountain Operations.

The RCT ControlMaster Teleremote technology supports safe production at the operation, as equipment can be operated remotely in areas that are deemed unsafe for human operators.

Using the teleremote system, operators are able to control machinery from a control station, mobile station or trailer cabin. The control centres are equipped with climate control, diesel generator and an ergonomically designed operator console and chair.

The communication between machine and operator is achieved by a secure radio and video antenna network.

RCT integrated a communication network into the Teck’s existing wireless network to facilitate the remote functions of the machines.

As well, the RCT Custom department played a part in the project, as it was the first excavator of this model that the company has fitted with the teleremote system.

Vern Deveau, RCT’s vice president of business development for Canada, said the solution provided to Teck Resources met the client’s requirements and operators were impressed with the custom Teleremote solutions.

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In addition, RCT’s solutions easily connected to Coal Mountain’s network infrastructure, making the remote features seamless, he said.

Customer support will be provided locally by RCT’s Ontario branch that will carry out servicing and support required by Teck going forward.

Teck is also assessing the viability of implementing the same technology at other operations.

Coal Mountain Operations is one of Teck’s five steelmaking coal operations located in the Elk Valley of British Columbia, Canada. The annual production capacities of the mine and preparation plant are about 2.7 and 3.5 million tonnes of clean coal.