HD Hyundai outlines its vision for the future of construction

A HD Hyundai concept excavator on display at CES

The HD Hyundai vision for the future of construction goes beyond improving equipment and jobsites to fundamentally transforming the way humanity builds.

The company’s vision was outlined by Kisun Chung, Vice Chairman and CEO of HD Hyundai, during his keynote address at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) on Jan. 10 in Las Vegas. 

“The construction industry has laid the foundation for human civilization. From the very first moment, it’s built homes, roads, factories, ports, and great cities like Las Vegas, even in the middle of the desert,” Chung said. 

However, construction remains one of the slowest industries in adapting of new technology and innovation. HD Hyundai’s solution to accelerate innovation in construction is called Xite Transformation, which aims to improve jobsite safety, introduce site autonomy and decarbonize construction. Xite is created with cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), digital technologies and robotics.  

“We are here today to share HD Hyundai’s vision for changing the future course of humanity by changing the future of the construction industry,” Chung said. “This solution utilizes the latest technology to create a more sustainable future for humanity by solving pressing challenges such as safety, security, supply chain issues and climate change.”


HD Hyundai Vice Chairman Kisun Chung shares the Xite Innovation vision at CES 2024.

At CES, HD Hyundai presented X-Wise and X-Wise Xite, which will be key to achieving the goals of Xite Transformation. 

X-Wise is an Artificial Intelligence platform that maximizes safety and efficiency in fleet management to reach the ultimate goal of site autonomy. X-Wise will be applied to all HD Hyundai’s industrial solutions as a base technology going forward. 

X-Wise Xite is an intelligent site management solution that connects construction equipment in real time. It also integrates situational awareness to improve safety and maximize productivity using the latest digital twin technology and AI analytics.

“Very few construction jobs are ever done with a single piece of equipment. In other words, construction is all about teamwork,” said Aerin Jungmin Lee, HD Hyundai AI Center Team Leader. 

“X-Wise Xite is drawing upon constantly evolving intelligence around the construction industry, making it customized to your unique company, and even to your unique site needs.”

In addition to realizing site autonomy with these two technologies, HD Hyundai plans to become the leader in open innovation by partnering with global players in the industry to build a new global ecosystem.

Smart CE 

X-Wise and existing HD Hyundai technology — such as Smart All-Around View Monitoring, teleoperation and remote workstations — are improving jobsite safety as well as advancing HD Hyundai’s autonomous goals. 

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“The recent advancements in X-Wise are revolutionizing the way we operate. They offer a safer, easier and more efficient approach to equipment handling,” said Winta Bereket, HD Hyundai North America Marketing Manager.

HD Hyundai teleoperation

Teleoperation, for example, improves safety by removing the operator from a potentially dangerous jobsite. Smart guidance also improves intuitive control, which has the potential to surpass the ease of machine operation from a cab. 

The technology is also able to change how heavy equipment operation is conducted, and HD Hyundai plans to introduce the technology in 2025. 

“Our vision is for operators to be able to control multiple pieces of equipment anywhere in the world from a single workstation, and construction equipment operation evolving into a role similar to an office job or something that can be done remotely,” Bereket said.

X-wise is also advancing HD Hyundai’s autonomous goal. The solution is already helping operators improve efficiency via 3D machine guidance. In the future, X-Wise will upgrade 3D machine guidance to automate more complex tasks, like 3D grading with a tiltrotator.  

“Learning from the operational patterns of expert operators, it consistently refines its AI providing optimal blends of power speed and angle pushing our productivity by as much as 60 per cent,” Bereket said.

Dong-wook Lee, HD Hyundai XiteSolution President and Chief Technology Officer, explained the company plans to deliver fully autonomous equipment and site management to the construction industry by 2030. 

“Our goal is not to simply improve the features here and there. But rather to transform the most fundamental sense how we build our future,” he said. “Yes, it’s going to be a huge challenge, but with great partners I’m sure we are capable of transforming the future of construction.”

A net zero future

The Xite vision also includes technological requirements to create an environmentally friendly ecosystem. HD Hyundai has committed to achieving net zero emissions by 2050. 

“Any discussion of our shared future cannot be just about artificial intelligence and robotics. Because, as we all know, the very sustainability of our civilization is under threat,” Lee said. 

To decarbonize the future of the construction industry, HD Hyundai is developing electric machines and charging solutions, as well as hydrogen solutions for its larger equipment. 

For remote sites, the company is developing independent power chains that could include mobile charging solutions as well as renewable power generation. 

“As you would expect from HD Hyundai, we are all about action not just vision,” Lee said.