ACCU-POUR compatibility expanded by Cemen Tech


Cemen Tech’s ACCU-POUR, a suite of cloud-based volumetric mixer productivity solutions, is now compatible with more models as well as volumetric mixers from other OEMs. 

Originally developed to integrate with Cemen Tech’s C60 mixers, ACCU-POUR is now compatible with Cemen Tech M Series mixers, as well as other volumetric mixers developed by competitive OEMs. 

In addition to expanded compatibility, ACCU-POUR now offers more advanced custom reporting. The reporting module now has the ability to filter data based on mixer, operator, city or postal code.

This allows business owners to generate custom reports for more accurate job bidding, improved forecasting and productivity monitoring.

“The continued development and expansion of our ACCU-POUR suite illustrates our leadership and commitment towards developing the most innovative and advanced volumetric concrete production software solutions for the industry,” said Connor Deering, CEO and president of Cemen Tech.

“Now, ACCU-POUR is no longer confined to Cemen Tech equipment — it can be utilized by any business owner with a volumetric mixer.”

ACCU-POUR is a cloud-based volumetric mixer productivity solution that provides users with a comprehensive view of their concrete business operations, and is designed to impact operations of all sizes, giving users more control over their business more than ever before. 

AP Office

AP Office is the front-end solution for scheduling, dispatch and fleet management functions. Utilizing the latest in telematics technology, the software allows business owners to track the status and location of each mixer in their fleet in real-time. AP Office documents and stores all key mixer production statistics, allowing users to make accurate real-time business management decisions.

AP Mobile

Designed for tablet use, AP Mobile allows users to wirelessly send and receive production data between AP Office and the mixer, as well as view mixing parameters in real-time. Once a pour is complete, final job data syncs automatically with AP Office. 

With AP Office and AP Mobile working together in real-time, information is delivered to the unit and then directly back to the office. After an order is placed, dispatch enters the job parameters into AP Office.

Then, AP Mobile receives those parameters and wirelessly sends all information to the mixer. The operator completes the pour, after which all production data is automatically sent back to AP Office for analysis. 

AP Office also simplifies assignments and orders by allowing users to create one order, then divide it into multiple trucks if needed and still track under one job. With smart scheduling, users know where their fleet is at any time and where they are going next if adjustments are needed before the next job begins