Cemen Tech adds Accu-Pour to new C Series mixer

cemen tech volumetric mixer C60

Cemen Tech has announced the next generation of its C Series volumetric concrete mixers with the introduction of the newest C60 model.

The new model includes enhanced Accu-Pour capabilities and new Automated Gates as a standard option.

Accu-Pour is the nerve centre for the C Series volumetric concrete mixer with one-button operation using the AP-Touch control panel, which allows for consistently accurate mix designs.

Pre-programmed mix designs simplify labour by reducing the need to have concrete experts on staff and on site. Information is stored electronically for each job and mix to continually improve productivity, profits, and to lower total operating costs.

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The new Automated Gates technology makes the C60 fully computerized and continues to reduce operator error by syncing the mix design with the appropriate gate setting for material flow.

An operator no longer needs to worry about manually changing the amount of material flow through the gates as it is done automatically based on the mix design selection on the AP-Touch screen. The operator simply selects their mix design, and Accu-Pour automatically aligns the gate settings with the correct mix design. This eliminates wasted material, time and money by ensuring the exact mix design every time.

“The C Series Accu-Pour technology means a faster onboarding process and less chance of error for operators, as well as simplified labour demands. The C60 pairs ease of use with the most sophisticated technology possible for volumetric mixers,” stated Mark Rinehart, director of sales and marketing for Cemen Tech.

“We continue to engineer the C60 with technology and innovation that sets it apart from other solutions in the industry. The C60’s complete automation, ease of use and ability to be used for almost unlimited applications is a game changer for this industry.”

Cemen Tech, based in Indianola, Iowa, has almost 50 years of manufacturing and engineering experience in the volumetric mixing industry. The company currently operates in more than 50 countries, services mixers across the globe, and supplies equipment to the United States military.