Zoomlion breaks world record for all-terrain crane tonnage

Zoomlion ZAT24000H all-terrain crane.

Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science & Technology Co. delivered two units of its ZAT24000H all-terrain crane to the Huanghua Haibin in China.

The model has surpassed Zoomlion’s previous record of 2,000 tons, to become the world’s largest-tonnage all-terrain crane at 2,400 tons.

The ZAT24000H was especially developed for wind power hosting constructions, combining the advantages of robust lifting performance, ease of transportation and operation, as well as strong adaptability to a wide range of working conditions.

It employs combined telescopic and wind power booms for wind power operation, which fully meets the installation requirements of wind turbines of 160 meters. Its long main boom plus short wind power boom combo and integrated overloading make hoisting and disassembly/assembly more efficient. The model’s high-power hoisting system with small magnification increase can achieve lifting wind turbine to 160 meters in 30 minutes.

In addition, the ZAT24000H’s special structure design features the unique single-cylinder double side pin boom structure with improved anti-side bending capabilities. The optimized rigid design of the continuous boom and electro-hydraulic intelligent safety control system significantly increase the product’s capacity for wind resistance and safety assurance.

“When developing this product, Zoomlion engaged in extensive dialogue with us to ensure meeting the working conditions and technical specifications. We are confident of this market-leading product as we saw Zoomlion’s continuous pursuit of quality and ultimate spirit of achieving excellence,” said Shen Qi, general manager of Haibin Lifting Installing Engineering.

“Our accomplishments also credit our customers, as we cannot achieve these milestones without their support. We look forward to carrying out more extensive and in-depth cooperation to achieve mutual wins and greater value,” said Luo Kai, vice president of Zoomlion.