Flolink introduced by Flo Components


FLO Components Ltd. has announced its release of FLOlink, the first fully independent remote monitoring telematics program specifically for Automatic Lubrication Systems (ALS).

FLOlink is designed to operate with any FLO model of automatic lubrication system.  Key personnel can be remotely notified via email, when the lubricant reservoir in their ALS is low so that they know when to dispatch a lube truck. 

“Tracking equipment is increasingly essential to equipment managers.  No matter the size or age of your fleet, it’s important to maximize machine efficiency and minimize unexpected downtime,” said FLO’s marketing specialist, Gabriel Lopez.

“Autolubers help by dispensing small measured amounts of grease frequently, while the equipment is running, to keep bearings properly lubricated and sealed from dirt and contaminants.  FLOlink is the evolution of ALS.”

FLOlink will immediately notify managers when the ALS is in fault and a service technician must be contacted.  Lopez explained users can then more effectively manage and reduce refill service visits — as the lube truck visits only when the pump is low on grease — and reduce cost by receiving immediate, real-time alerts when lubricant is low or the system is in fault, before it becomes a problem.

“We recognized that there was a need in the industry for more data with respect to ALS low lube levels and lube failures,” Lopez said. “We wanted to give customers’ key personnel direct wireless data access to ALS on specific machines, and independent ALS specific data that isn’t buried in massive machine reports generated by the machine’s regular telematics.”

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According to Lopez, FLO customers now have “remote, real-time, up-to-the-minute status monitoring of any number of systems with FLOlink installed.  This enables customers at any time, to check where each machine is, its current ALS status and its status history.”

FLOlink also gives managers instant access to alert notification history for any number of systems, and the ability to instantly generate and export reports for further analysis and planning.