Case offers a sneak peek of its N Series Dozers

N series

At ConExpo, Case offers a preview of its new 850N dozer — the first machine in its upcoming all-new N Series dozer line.

The N Series dozers, including the 850N, are still in the final stages of development and will be formally announced at a later date.

The 850N represents the next phase in electro-hydraulic controls in small- to medium-sized dozers.

The new machine also features Case’s Universal Machine Control, expanding the popular platform into smaller dozers and making the entire Case dozer product line compatible from the factory with all major suppliers of machine control technology.

“The expansion of electro-hydraulic controls into smaller, more compact dozers provides operators a level of control versatility and customization they have not previously seen in CASE dozers of this size,” said Nathaniel Waldschmidt, product marketing manager at Case.

“These intuitive controls allow for on-the-fly adjustment of factors such as blade, steering and shuttle sensitivity, as well as overall easier operation with reduced operator fatigue, as the new controls require less physical input than traditional dozer controls.”

The dozer is also equipped with a new front hood design that improves forward visibility, a new flat panel design at the rear of the machine to improve rear visibility, and a new operator interface with rearview camera for all-around visibility. The dozer also features a new cooling package and hydraulic routings for better serviceability.

Universal Machine Control

The Case Universal Machine Control platform makes each machine factory-compatible with all major suppliers of machine control technology, including Topcon, Trimble and Leica Geosystems.

Case Universal Machine Control provides a universal harness for blade guidance systems, universal machine brackets and mounts and universal jumpers to integrate any industry solution into each dozer.

The platform allows deployment of Case dozers straight from the dealer, and into any fleet-wide precision or grade control solution deployed on jobsites. It also helps improve retained and resale value, as the dozer will be compatible with any solution during resale.  

It also provides customers the peace of mind and flexibility to prepare their dozer for retrofit of precision solutions after the purchase, without having to change mounting points or wiring harnesses on the dozer depending on the system provider of their choice.

N Series productivity

The Case 850N dozer delivers powerful drawbar pull and horsepower. It also features a hydrostatic drive, and an advanced load management system that automatically reduces track speed (increasing torque) with a heavier load on the blade, and increases track speed (reducing torque) with a lighter load on the blade, ensuring that the machine is working at ideal power and efficiency. 

In the cab, the 850N features a standard ROPS canopy. An optional ROPS cab with floor-to-ceiling straight-panel glass doors provides visibility down to the blade. A sloped hood and the positioning of the operator provide excellent visibility to the ground in front of the machine.

Vibration has been reduced with a retuning of both the undercarriage and the cab mounts. Noise is reduced over previous generations (down to 73 dBa), helping to reduce operator fatigue.

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The new world-class undercarriage not only reduces sound and vibration found in the cab, it also features a smaller front idler, which increases visibility to the bottom of the blade for fine-grading applications. Additional features such as a factory-installed Bluetooth radio and environmental controls further improve operator comfort.

The new N Series dozers are designed to withstand the harsh operating conditions. Design considerations include an undercarriage with robust components, a box-style C-frame built for heavy earthmoving, and an updated cooling package that is tested under maintained heavy load conditions and designed to optimize engine and hydraulic temperatures.

The 850N cooling system was specially tuned and upgraded to deal with the harsh high-heat applications often associated with operating dozers in its size class. Additional components, including the cylinders, electrical system and the rippers have been engineered to last in the toughest conditions.

All daily service checkpoints – including hydraulic components, filters and electrical components – are accessible from the ground and do not require hand tools for access.