Vacuworx fine-tunes its PS 1 portable vacuum

When Vacuworx first released its PS 1 portable vacuum, they may have underestimated how often the machine would be used on jobsites.

Now, to accommodate growing demand, the company has made several key upgrades to meet the needs of concrete contractors.

“When this was first introduced we anticipated it would be kind of an occasional use product,” said Paula Bell, marketing manager for Vacuworx.  “A lot of our customers bought it and just put it to work.”

The PS 1 works with small equipment such as skid steers, electric skid steers, mini electric excavators, forklifts and small cranes.

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The lightweight design still provides a lifting capacity up to 771 kg, but now it can work longer and more efficiently.

The PS 1 now features a 12 volt, 22 amp/hour rechargeable battery, which includes an intelligent, full-floating charging system. The 3.5-amp charger will fully recharge the battery in eight hours or less without overcharging. The battery provides approximately 6 to 8 hours of run time of intermittent operation, allowing the machine to operate throughout an entire work day.

“We went back and beefed up the battery and added a visible LED monitor for charging,” Bell said.

As well, Vacuworx added an inline filter to protect the PS 1 system from dust and debris. The filter element is easy to replace when it becomes clogged or dirty, which prevents damage to the system.

“Originally, we didn’t have the filter on the little ones, but you’ll never be in a dust free environment,” Bell said.

The vacuum pump in the PS 1 has been updated to draw less power from the battery, while providing more vacuum pressure to the pad.

Weighing 11.4 kg, the PS 1 comes with one of three standard, interchangeable pads, with lifting capacity ranging from 314 kg to 771 kg. The PS 1 Lift Dolly, with a lifting capacity of 272 kg, is available separately.