Terex extends jib for new tower crane model 

terex jib crane

The new Terex CTL 272-18 luffing jib tower crane boasts a 10 per cent increase in jib length compared to the company’s previous class model.

The new crane features a 61 metre maximum jib length, 270 ton-metre load moment and maximum full-length load of 2.6 tonnes.

The crane’s Terex Power Plus feature temporarily increases the maximum load moment under specific and controlled conditions by 10 per cent, giving the operator extra lifting capacity.

Seven jib configurations

As well, seven different jib configurations, from 30 to 61 metres on the crane give contractors the flexibility to meet a range of jobsite reach needs.

The crane’s 5.8 metre counter jib boasts multiple job angles to meet demanding in-service and out-of-service conditions.

“We are extremely excited about our new Terex CTL 272-18 tower crane, which is just the latest in a string of recent new model introductions across our hammerhead, flat top and luffing jib offerings. We worked closely with customers to include the features they need and the flexibility to meet more congested and complex building environments,” said Massimo Cappello, director of product management for Terex Tower Cranes.

“Its adaptable control system gives operators the choice of operating modes to efficiently and precisely position heavy loads, and the crane is built ready to quickly accept advanced options that boost productivity and reporting capabilities.”

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The new control system on the CTL 272-18 crane delivers efficient set-up of expanded crane configurations needed to meet various jobsite demands.

The large, 18 cm colour display with anti-glare screen displays operating and troubleshooting data to the operator.

In addition to Terex Power Plus, Terex Power Match enables the operator to choose between operating performance or energy efficiency to adapt to lifting needs.

The new crane offers the choice of hoisting with one to four pull lines, allowing the flexibility to choose between lifting speed with lighter loads or power and precision when placing heavier objects.


Its auto-levelling feature automatically maintains the same hoist block height while luffing the jib.

The CTL 272-18 also offers an 84.4 metre maximum freestanding height. The tower design may be configured using a combination of the 1.9 metre H20, 2.3 metre HD23 and the 2.37 metre TS212 tower masts. Tower masts are equipped with aluminum ladders and optimized for transportation to the jobsite.

Stemming from in-depth operator feedback, the cabin on the CTL 272-18 luffing jib tower crane includes a comfortable work space for the operator, including a fully adjustable comfort seat.

The cabin’s joystick controls feature a short stroke length to reduce arm movements and operator fatigue.

The crane’s counter jib with winches and electrical panel powering all crane movements, are located at cabin level for convenient access.

A service derrick located at the counter jib with 1.25 tonne lifting capacity conveniently hoists parts to jib-level for maintenance.

Advanced options

The new CTL 272-18 luffing jib tower crane may be equipped with several advanced options to give more flexibility to the owner for crane configuration. It is ready-equipped for the installation and set-up of zoning and anti-collision system and cameras.

The CTL 272-18 luffing jib tower crane is compatible for the next generation of Terex tower telematics, which reports machine operation and service data back to the office.