Steelwrist expands SQ range with its biggest fully-automatic coupler yet

Steelwrist SQ 90 mounted on excavator on a demolition site.

Global demand for fully-automatic coupler systems continues to grow in both the demolition and construction industry. Steelwrist continues to grow its offering, expanding its SQ range as it strives to offer outfits for as many machines as possible.

Steelwrist’s new addition to the SQ range is the SQ90, the biggest model in this auto connection quick coupler offering. The SQ90 is mounts onto excavators up to 70 tons.

After finding success in its SQ Auto Connection quick coupler launch in 2017, the range has grown to include the SQ60, SQ65, SQ70, SQ70/55 and SQ80.

Furthermore, Steelwrist’s SQ couplers increase safety and allow operators the ability to change hydraulic powered work tools quickly, without leaving the cab.

Paritcularly, the addition of the SQ90 coupler looks to meet demands from the demolition industry, where tool changes need to happen quickly and frequently.

“The Steelwrist SQ Auto Connection quick couplers have been appreciated by the customers from day one on. In the demolition industry with its frequent work tool changes it is all about using the right tool for the right job at the right time. SQ allows operator and machine to work continuously at all times and work safety increases when operators can easily change and use the best tool for the job”, says Stefan Stockhaus, CEO of Steelwrist AB.

Open-S compliance

The SQ90—as well as all other Steelwrist SQ products—follow the global Open-S industry standard for fully automatic couplers for excavators.

Essentially, this standard attempts to make it easier for machine operators and contractors to choose quick couplers, tiltrotators and work tools from different manufacturers, and be confident that functionality is congruent.

Read more about Open-S initiative and coupler standardization: Open-S initiative launched by Rototilt and Steelwrist

Upgraded Front Pin Lock

The Front Pin Lock from Steelwrist is a mechanical lock on the front shaft, which is designed to limit the risk of unintentional releases of attachments.

So, by virtue of its intended establishment in the demolition sector, Steelwrist decided to update this patented Front Pin Lock technology in order to support the heavy demolition work tools.

Qplus technology

The SQ90, like all SQ couplers, comes with QPlus technology. QPlus enables higher hydraulic flow, with less pressure drops than many other systems on the market. This is a proven system that Steelwrist first tested, and subsequently integrated, in 2017. According to Markus Nilsson, Research and Development CTO, they found that, depending on coupling size, the flow increased by up to 37% with QPlus technology.