Putzmeister revamps its core product line

Putzmeister concrete boom pump
The new Putzmeister 39Z-metre multi truck-mounted concrete boom pump.

Putzmeister has reinvented several of its concrete boom pumps.

The company has unveiled its new 39Z-metre multi truck-mounted concrete boom pump; the redesigned and optimized line of 30-metre class truck-mounted concrete boom pumps; and the 63Z-metre truck-mounted concrete boom pump.

“It’s an exciting time for us with everything changing. It’s our core product line,” said Kelly Blickle, marketing manager for Putzmeister.  “This line will be around for quite a while. We’re proud of these new designs and the research and development time that’s gone into it.”

The new lineup is the third revamp in the company’s 60-year history.

“It’s not every five years we look at it. We’re always continually improving the process, and there were some design features in our current production model that we wanted to improve upon,” Blickle said. “So, we took that opportunity to look at the whole product line.”

Putzmeister has discontinued its 40-metre concrete boom pump, in favour of the 39Z-metre, a new design with three-in-one pumping capabilities. The unit is equipped with a new four-section multi-Z boom and pedestal, a BSA-grade pump cell for high-pressure applications and a placing boom that can either be permanent or detachable.

“It’s a jack-of-all-trades, as we call it,” Blickle said.

Putzmeister also designed the .13 HPD pump cell for the machine. Reinforced with 1,134 kg of steel, and featuring rod-side outputs of 138 cubic metres per hour, the cell is designed to withstand extreme conditions as it performs in high-pressure and long-distance pumping applications.

As well, the Ergonic 2.0 Control System is now standard. Unveiled in early 2017, the control system offers a more user-friendly experience with a more intuitive design and improved remote monitoring.

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“The development of the 39Z demonstrates our ability to react to our customers’ needs,” said Bill Dwyer, Putzmeister’s vice president of sales and marketing. “They wanted a versatile, high-performing, cost-saving machine and we delivered.”

For the optimized line of 30-metre class truck-mounted concrete boom pumps, each unit shares a common pedestal with increased strength and a tougher structure, as well as new options packages.

“Previously, the pedestals were all individual, so this will help our customers with parts and mechanics. It will make their lives easier,” Blickle said.

All models in the 30-metre class features improvements based on customer feedback. For example, the outrigger cylinder hydraulic line, which was previously welded, is now a bolted connection for easy maintenance and repair. As well, slewable rear steps increase access to the deck, while bottom steps fold up for travel to avoid damage.

A decreased side profile reduces the overall height and makes for easier loading of pipe and hose on the side decks, is now standard. Additional features include a cleanout ball catcher added at the hopper outlet, and a standard auto lube to A hinge. The three models in Putzmeister’s 30-metre class maintain weights comparable to current models — even with the more robust pedestal.

“We’re really pushing out to the market something that’s outperforming anything we’ve done in the past,” Blickle said.

For the 63Z-metre truck-mounted concrete boom pump, Putzmeister went back to the original design.

“We had to change our outrigger design on that to accommodate emissions requirements,” Blickle said. “That took up more space behind the cab, so we had to modify our outrigger profile.”

The 63Z-Metre retains its main pedestal and rear outrigger design, while the boom shares the same arm length, folding strategy, cylinder and links as its predecessors.