MB Crusher launches 5 new attachments 

MB Crusher has unveiled two new sorting grapples and three new padding buckets. 

The five new models made their premiere at Samoter 2023, Italy’s largest construction trade show. The new sorting grapples joining MB Crusher’s compact line include the MB-G400 and the MB-G500 

Designed for mini excavators, the MB-G400 weighs 200 kg and is ideal for mini excavators weighing 2,495 kg to 4,040 kg. The MB-G500 sorting grapple weighs 420 kg and is design for excavators in the 5,000 kg to 7,100 kg size class.  

Although compact, the new sorting grapples have a wide claw opening, allowing the attachments to move and handle larger material.

As well, the grapples are equipped with a load-holding valve, which ensures maximum safety on the construction site, and prevents accidental opening of the claws in the event of a sudden drop in pressure from the carrier machine. 

They also have silent block, which allows them to be used even in areas where noise needs to be kept under control. 

Wear parts are made of Hardox steel, and both models are suitable for the installation of an electrical kit for two-hose function, which allows the grapple to rotate 360 degrees, even on excavators that only have a two-hose auxiliary set up. 

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The grapples also feature replaceable blades that can be turned upside down to extend their wear life.

Both models are available with or without a rotating tower. They can also be paired with a selection of accessories that simplify material handling tasks, including a clam shell kit for picking up and handling small material, loading soil, gravel and sand, or a serrated side plate kit for handling material of specific shapes. For the MB-G500, a rubber protection kit is available for handling blocks of linear and delicate material and a grip improvement kit.

Padding buckets

Alongside the new sorting grapples, MB Crusher also debuted the MB-HDS307, MB-HDS312, MB-HDS412 padding buckets. Two of the new padding buckets are designed for compact machines, while the third is for heavy equipment. All three padding buckets are made to facilitate jobsites that need to aerate packed soil. For example, when a green area or a garden requires sorting. They are also a well-suited tool to reclaim demolition debris, stones or any roots; or to screen backfill material to cover pipes or create trench bedding.

The MB-HDS307 padding bucket (designed for excavators from 2,500 kg to 5,080 kg) weighs 170 kg, while the MB-HDS312 padding bucket weighs 720 kg and is ideal for excavators from 7,100 kg to 11,150 kg. The MB-HDS412 padding bucket weighs 1,220 kg, and is made for excavators from 10,160 kg to 14,300 kg.

Padding bucket maintenance is simple thanks to centralized greasing and maintenance tools are provided, in a tool bag located in a designated compartment of the bucket. Like the rest of the HDS line, the new buckets have shafts that can be easily swapped on the jobsite in a just a few minutes. 

The MB Crusher patented system, holds the rotating brackets in place, allowing easy access and removal of the shafts, while keeping the angled phase displacement aligned. This means having a streamlined operation on the job. 

Lastly, the automatic hydraulic bumper system reduces hydraulic shock so that the engine, transmission components and operating machine are not damaged. 

This results in a longer life for the equipment and drastically reduced maintenance expenses.