Liebherr’s tech-packed pump truck

the Liebherr 38Z4 XXT truck mounted concrete pump

The new 38 XXT pump features XXT outriggers, XXA stability assistance and the Powerbloc drive

Liebherr has combined several innovative technologies to create its new 38Z4 XXT truck mounted concrete pump. 

The 38 XXT offers a four-part distribution boom in a practical Z-fold making it easy to handle while providing a very long reach for the 30 metre class. The concrete pump is also equipped with the Powerbloc drive unit and a semi-closed oil circuit. 

Liebherr officially unveiled the new 38Z4 XXT at World of Concrete 2024 in January. 

“We are extremely proud of the advanced technological achievements within this new model,” said Guilherme Zurita, Managing Director of Liebherr’s concrete division. 


This model comes standard with XXT-outriggers and an XXA stability assistance system. XXT support shows its strengths particularly when it comes to narrow supports, so confined spaces are no problem.

“This specific design of the outriggers allows for enhanced stability and reach,” Zurita said. “In fact, this outrigger position is only possible on deeper pumps, due to our exclusive XXT outriggers. This results in maximum flexibility and productivity.”

The new XXA stability assistance system allows the concrete pump to be electronically monitored. 

“The XXA stability assistance system raises the bar when it comes to productivity and safety,” Zurita said. “The machine helps the operator to reach difficult pouring positions of the boom without relying only on their best judgment.”

As well, the modern radio remote control allows for precise boom movement, and the clear colour display shows operators all important parameters.

The design and kinematics of the boom ensure low-vibration while pumping. The shape of the charging hopper favours a uniform flow of concrete and exceptional material cylinder fill performance. Separately driven agitators push the concrete directly into the suction area, which works perfectly even with concrete types that are difficult to pump.


A highlight of the new 38 XXT is Liebherr’s newly developed Powerbloc pump drive unit. It is characterized by the fact that all hydraulic switching and measuring elements are fully integrated. This eliminates the need for numerous hydraulic hoses and other components previously required. The drive unit is therefore  unique in the concrete pump world. Features of the new system are its robustness, high performance, efficiency and quiet operation. 

Semi-closed oil circuit 

The new drive unit combined with the highly efficient semi-closed oil circuit, results in strong pumping performance with various mix designs. As a result, the oil volume could be significantly reduced. The new Liebherr system combines the advantages of the proven open and closed circuits currently on the market, without their respective disadvantages. Customers have confirmed the quiet and powerful operation of the pump unit.

Zurita added the new 38 XXT is part of Liebherr’s plan to introduce a new pump model each year until 2026, in order to meet the demands of its customers. 

“We have consistently increased the amount of equipment, not only quality but also in diversity,” he said. “This is especially important as we address the needs and preferences of our concrete customers who are involved in a diverse range of applications.”