The world’s largest material handler is coming to North America

material handler

Next year, Sennebogen plans to deliver its new record-setting 895 E Series material handler model to North America.

At an estimated 390 tons and reach of more than 40 metres, the 895 E is reputedly the largest material handler ever built. 

Sennebogen first unveiled the gigantic machine to the public at the firm’s world headquarters in Straubing, Germany, coinciding with bauma 2019 taking place in nearby Munich. 

Bigger, higher, further; that’s how the development in material handlers over the last few years can be summarized. 

Now Sennebogen has taken the limits of material handling a step further with the world’s largest purpose-built unit, earmarked to take a prominent place in the manufacturer’s fleet of green machines focused on ocean and river port applications. 

The development of the new material handler has focused particularly on energy efficiency and operator comfort. 

The Sennebogen 895 E comes with the company’s energy recovery system and will be offered in multiple drive versions. Multiple cab configurations are also available to give operators the optimum view of their work environment.

“The dimensions of this, our largest material handler, make everything else that we ever produced seem small,” said Constantino Lannes, president of Sennebogen. “The operational weight alone is around 353,800 kg.”

The 895 E is powered by a 755 hp diesel motor or optional 670 hp electric drive motor. 

It’s offered with a choice of three standard undercarriages including a crawler mount, rail mount and even a mobile model running with 14 sets of wheels. 

With its long reach and a maximum lift capacity of up to 50 tons, the 895 E gives major harbours a new option for loading containers and large steel coils, as well as the usual fare of bulk materials and general cargo. 

In the 895’s PortCab, operators oversee their work zone from an eye level of up to 22 metres. In the optional Skylift cab, the operator can move the cab forward over 11 metres in order to maneuver into the best vantage point of the loading area.

More details on the design and performance of the 895 E Series destined for North American delivery will be confirmed as the units are ready for shipping