Kubota reinvents its 8-ton compact excavator

a compact kubota excavator digs at night

Kubota Canada has introduced the KX080-5 power utility excavator, a reinvention of the popular KX080-4.

Designed to deliver advanced utility, comfort and performance, the new excavator features keyless start, engine autostop rearview camera with an 18-cm LCD display and LED working lights.

The utility excavator enables a substantial digging depth of more than 4.5 metres, a dumping height of 5.2 metres and a digging radius of 7.3 metres.

“The KX080-5 was redesigned to elevate the operator experience and guarantee maximum comfort while on the jobsite,” said Jonathan Gardner, Product Manager, Construction Equipment, Kubota Canada.

“Focusing on what worked for the KX080-4 and building off of it ensured we kept the tried-and-true roots of the machine, but also levelled it up to meet the demands of excavator work and our operators.”

The Kubota KX flagship

The new model becomes the leader of the KX lineup, redesigned with noise reduction, luxury seats, air conditioning, extra leg room and improved visibility.

“This machine is going to come with a lot of standard features that are going to enhance the operator experience out there in the field, and a lot of the guys are really going to like this,” said Bill Holton, Product Manager for Construction Equipment at Kubota.

Equipped with a 67.3 hp engine and a two-pump hydraulic system, the new compact excavator delivers excellent productivity and smooth operation. 

The two-pump load-sensing system improves the overall smoothness of operations when using attachments, allowing operators to effortlessly perform 

simultaneous operations. As well, an auto-shift system enables automatic travel shift from high to low depending on traction effort and terrain, giving smoother simultaneous operations when dozing and turning.   

“As always, Kubota tucks their hydraulic hoses and lines in and around the boom, keeping them protected from any snagging issues. So, we’ve got no issues here,” Holton said.


Kubota’s updated 8-ton compact excavator delivers strong performance and efficiency for its size, with a bucket breakout force of 14,660 foot-pounds, reduced soil spillage when rotating and a well-matched arm and bucket. 

The engine rpm automatically idles when the control levers are in neutral for more than 4 seconds, and the engine turns off automatically when the engine has been idling for too long.

Users can also set the idling time to suit their preferences. In addition, the KX080-5 features a Kubota engine equipped with CRS and efficient DPF, reducing maintenance by increasing the service intervals for both the regeneration filter and ash cleaner. 

Operator comfort   

With a spacious and comfortable cab, expanded glass area and double adjustable air suspension seat, the KX080-5 brings a new level of operating comfort to the job. Both the seat and control console are adjustable to accommodate operators of all sizes.  

Kubota has also made keyless start a standard feature for the KX080-5 compact excavator. 

As well, the engine can be started by entering a four-digit passcode using the excavator keypad and up to 10 user passwords can be set.

“We’re enhancing the operator’s comfort and experience out there on the job site because a productive operator is going to be a happy operator in the seat. That’s what we’re here for. We’re here to make money. That’s why the guy’s on the job,” Holton said.

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The design also features a slimmer, more ergonomically positioned right LCD screen, a quieter environment and more foot space. 

“It’s 72 decibels inside the cab, and that’s going to make it a nice quiet ride for the operator,” Holton said. 

The KX080-5 prioritizes safety inside and outside of the cab with a factory designed rear-view camera and LED work lights with turnoff delay. 

Additionally, the electronically controlled third line hydraulic return can be automatically activated on the digital panel in the cab, eliminating the need for operators climbing down from the cab and reaching under the bonnet.