Kubota Canada rolls out new RTV-X series 

A man leans against a Kubota RTV-X

Kubota Canada’s RTV lineup now includes the brand new RTV-X and RTV–X1130 — the highest capacity model ever created by the manufacturer. 

The RTV-X series features the Kubota diesel engine, VHT-X transmission, hydraulic dump bed and power steering that have made the X-Series the go-to option for commercial, residential and farming operators. 

The new RTVs offer an optional ProKonvert cargo box with carrying capabilities of up to a half-ton, along with three-way-open and the ability to convert to a flatbed without the use of tools. 

A redesigned and aggressive exterior with LED headlights and new heavy-duty multipurpose tires allows the X-Series to quickly complete an array of jobs. 

 “The RTV-X was created with our customers in mind and expands off of our esteemed diesel portfolio,” said Justin Parrott, Product Manager for Turf & RTV at Kubota Canada

“We know our customers appreciate the base of our RTV products, so adding elements like the ProKonvert cargo bed and more aggressive exterior styling means they’ll have all the functions they rely from a Kubota RTV product, now with more capability than ever before.”  

X-Series legacy

The legacy of the X-Series begins with the Kubota diesel engine at the heart of the all-capable RTV-X. From towing and hauling to running through rough terrain, the engine ensures the machine will consistently meet the task at hand. The VHT-X (Variable Hydrostatic Transmission) allows for smooth and powerful acceleration, while wet disk brakes ensure the operator will feel secure and in control.  

 The full steel frame and CV joint guard, along with underbody skid plates, can take years of heavy loads and rough terrain, ensuring the most critical parts of the engine and transmission are protected. An optional spray-on bed liner for the steel cargo bed protects the bed from dirt and damage.  

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The X-Series was designed with features to ensure even the hardest tasks are made easy. The hydraulic bed dump does just that as a single lever ensures even the heaviest loads will slide out in a matter of seconds. Paired with a towing capacity of 590 kg off the back receiver, towing is made easy and struggle free. Dynamic brakes and selectable full-time four-wheel drive, with front limited-slip differential, ensure the operator is provided with a heightened sense of security, allowing for control and traction during all Canadian seasons.         


The ProKonvert cargo box, available on select models,  provides a three-way-open cargo bed design allows for the bed to be opened from either side or the rear, making hauling and loading items easier. The same design allows operators to convert to a flatbed in minutes without the use of tools. To ensure the security of cargo, the X-series maneuvers extremely well, even when fully loaded thanks to the extra duty independent suspension.          

 RTV-X 1130 

Kubota has also introduced the all-new RTV- X1130 long bed model, equipped with a 1.8-metre ProKonvert cargo box. 

The RTV-X1130 is Kubota’s highest capacity RTV model ever developed by the company with payloads of more than a half-ton and bulk carrying of more than 735 litres. 

This new RTV carries the legacy of the series with the Kubota diesel engine outputting 24.8 hp, the VHT-X transmission and the standard hydraulic dump bed, which can be unloaded with little effort and in mere seconds. 

For added versatility, the cargo box can be equipped with a winch and extended tailgate allowing you to load items directly from ground level into the box.