Introducing ThermoTraxx: the 1st track frame heater

ThermoTraxx on dozer tracks

ThermoTraxx is the first-ever aftermarket heating system engineered specifically to keep tracks free of ice and snow for winter operation. 

ThermoTraxx is designed to combat the realities of operating tracked machines, like dozers, excavators and compact track loaders, in winter conditions. 

Born from necessity, and backed by design and utility patents, ThermoTraxx ensures track frames remain free from ice and remain easy to clean. 

“I designed this product after I became frozen to the track frames of my (dozer) one night after falling asleep while cleaning them,” said ThermoTraxx Co-owner and Operator, Dana Hennessy. 

“At that point, I knew there had to be something out there to help with cleaning your tracks during the winter. After months of searching, and realizing no one offered a system like this, I decided to design these units.” 

To date, ThermoTraxx has created models that fit the John Deere 700K, 700L and 850J dozers, and plan to introduce new models to cover all Deere dozers, track loaders and excavators. The company plans to begin designing ThermoTraxx units for other OEMs next year. 

Using a self-regulating heat cable, the system adjusts its heat output to maintain consistent temperature based on ambient air.

Rated to -50 C, ThermoTraxx runs off the power system of the machine, with a peak draw of 9 amps. Installation does not require modifications to OEM systems. 

With more than 30 years in the excavating industry, Hennessy saw the need for improvements in his field and started Prefer Traxx, LLC, now ThermoTraxx. After creating prototypes, Hennessy recognized the need for support from a manufacturing company and partnered with JWF Industries. With 36 years in manufacturing, JWF Industries spans four states and occupies 120,774 square metres of manufacturing space.

“These units are built in the heart of Johnstown, PA with the hands of U.S. craftsmen. This is an important note that the company prides themselves on,” said Bill Polacek, Owner of JWF Industries and Co-owner of ThermoTraxx.