Hydrema delivers a compact dump truck for urban or sensitive jobsites

hydrema dump truck loaded by an excavator

Hydrema dump trucks are making inroads in Ontario where small dumpers or full-size dump trucks may not fit the application. 

Based in Denmark, Hydrema manufactures 7, 10 and 20 tonne compact dump trucks (as well as compact wheel excavators and backhoes).

“Hydrema is a small family-owned business, and because of that, they are a specialist product. They fill a gap in the market. They’re smaller than your typical offering in the dump truck range,” said Stephen Cargill, owner of Annagola Iron, the Ontario dealer for Hydrema equipment. 

The Hydrema dump truck line is relatively new in Ontario. Cargill sold the first Hydrema truck in the province about three years ago as a standalone piece of equipment. The buyer returned for a second machine and encouraged Cargill to become the Ontario dealer for the dump truck line. 

With about 16 dump trucks sold in the province to date, the 10-tonne 912 series is proving to be the flagship model. 

“It represents a segment that nobody else is really in. There are other players, but they don’t build the type of truck that Hydrema is able to offer,” Cargill said. 

Unique articulation

The trucks are designed with a unique articulation point with oscillation and hydraulic stabilizers. Equipped with 17.5 R25 EM tires, the 912 is only 2.2 metres wide. Thanks to the articulated joint in the middle, it becomes a narrow and manoeuvrable machine that is ideal for tight construction sites. 

“The compact nature of the trucks means you can fit it into an urban area much easier,” Cargill said. 

As well, the 912 dump trucks are approved to drive fully loaded on public roads, enabling the transportation of material between sites or the ability to move the dump trucks to a different construction site.

“They’re pretty nippy on the road and can travel up to 50 kilometers an hour depending on the model,” Cargill said. 

Hydrema MultiTip

MultiTip is a popular option for Hydrema dump trucks. Available on the 7 and 10 tonne models, MultiTip allows the dump truck body to turn in a 180-degree radius to unload material. 

As well, the optional Auto-Body-Return function automatically lowers the body back onto the chassis with a push of a button. With this feature, the operator can move on to the next task while the body lowers itself. 

“MultiTip basically encompasses both sides of the truck or anywhere in between,” Cargill said. “It gives them a good ability for spreading and planting materials that a conventional dump truck wouldn’t be known for.”

This summer, Hub Equipment, based in Etobicoke, Ontario, purchased two 912GS and two 912HM models for its rental fleet. 

“We think they’re going to become a popular rental tool for certain contractors and landscapers who don’t require a full-sized truck and want a more versatile, more maneuverable, smaller truck,” said Tom Stevenson, President of Hub Equipment. “One of the key features is how the box can pivot. So, it’s really helpful in certain applications.” 

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The 912GS is equipped with a suspension system on the front axle. The suspension includes an electrohydraulic spring system with independent suspension cylinders and level control that aligns the machine in the optimal position. This reduces the impact on the operator from vibration during long transport stages or in rough terrain operation.

The Hydrema 912HM (High Mobility) is the same machine as the 912GS, but with higher and wider tires of up to 80 cm, which gives it more ground clearance and minimal ground pressure. Fully loaded, the truck has a ground pressure of 12 psi. This translates to exceptional off-road performance, even in soft and muddy terrain or on sensitive surfaces.

“The low ground pressure makes them ideal for conservation or golf course type work — anywhere where you have to try to protect the turf or environment,” Cargill said. “It’s basically anywhere a triaxle wouldn’t be able to go.”

Hydrema G Series update

The latest G Series trucks include an upgraded cooling system, which has a 10 per cent increase in cooling capacity thanks to a fully welded radiator. Furthermore, the new generation of the truck is equipped with an electronically controlled cooling fan that only operates when needed. This saves fuel and reduces noise.

The dump truck is also equipped with an automatic battery isolator that shuts down when power is not required, allowing the operator to leave the machine without forgetting to turn off the isolator.

The 912 models are powered by a 145 hp, four-cylinder Cummins Stage 5 diesel engine. The engine compartment has been reorganized to allow access to all service filters and check points from ground level. Extra drain valves have been fitted to ensure easy and safe oil draining. The radiator compartment has been fitted with a new easy access panel.

The steps on the 912 G-series have been widened, while maintaining one-step access to the cab.

An optional LED work light package is available to improve visibility while operating in dark conditions.