Epiroc’s DH350 oil and gas rig “challenges conventional design”

DH350 oil and gas drilling rig

Epiroc says its new DH350 oil and gas drilling rig challenges conventional design, while offering advantages of Tier-1 class drilling rigs in a package that surpasses the mobility of any conventional rig on the market. 

The DH350 is the first of a new line of oil and gas drilling rigs from Epiroc. The new single-piece substructure is a slingshot-style unit with integrated hydraulics to provide the fewest number of connections ever required for full rig up.

 The API certified substructure offers a 70-cm split master bushing with a maximum table opening of 1.1 metres, which accommodates large diameter tools and complex bottom hole assemblies.

“The DH350 combines the mobility of carrier drive rigs with the power density of conventional skidded systems to produce one of the most agile and capable drilling rigs in the marketplace today,” said Cole Carpenter, product manager for Deephole Oil and Gas Rig at Epiroc Drilling Solutions.

“We will continue to drive the paradigm shift in conventional rig design — the DH350, a step change in drilling efficiency.”

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The Epiroc-designed 1,200 hp diesel-hydraulic power unit provides unparallelled distribution of hydraulic power for all drilling functions, while enabling a reduction in fuel consumption. 

The stand-alone HPU minimizes cycle time between wells by eliminating the necessity of high voltage power from ancillary prime movers and remains an integral component atop the DH350 substructure when walking the rig between wellheads.

The crownless telescopic mast, featuring 1.4 metre Nylatron sheaves, provides 158,757 kg of pullback and 22,679 kg of pulldown force through the tip-out hydraulic top drive. 

The twin spur gear powerhead offers variable electric speed over hydraulic control with a maximum 30,000 foot-pounds of rotary torque, and the ability to handle single joints of Range III drill collars up to 20 cm in diameter. The top drive delivers substantial improvements to operator safety and delivers high quality pipe handling, when coupled with the integrated iron roughneck and  remote operated catwalk.

The optimized load configuration and integrated hydraulics allow crane-free rig up in less than 12 hours with as few as six rig loads between drilling locations. This allows operators to minimize cycle time and improve long-term well economics. The minimized load configuration is accomplished through a combination of streamlined skid-mounted components and single-piece assemblies transported via purpose built trailer or integrated subassembly axle groups. DH350 offers multiple premium configurations including hands-free BOP handling.