Engcon’s smarter quick coupler

quick coupler

Engcon is adding additional smart features on its tiltrotators’ quick coupler.

The quick coupler was previously adapted for installation of the detachable GRD grab cassette and SWD rotating sweeper. 

Engcon now replaces nearly all the hoses in the quick coupler under the tiltrotator with a simple modular system. The new hose-free design reduces wear and maintenance needs, increases service life and flexibility, which makes it easier for both customer, reseller and service partner. 

As well, the revamped quick coupler is modular, with only two hoses remaining for the locking cylinder. It will now be easier to install Engcon’s EC-Oil quick coupler system in the lower bracket, as the hydraulic blocks are now bolted directly into a distribution block without any hoses.

The new design makes it simpler to install and retrofit hydraulic extra outlets to Engcon’s detachable tools. 

“With the new modular system, it becomes easier to maintain, supplement and replace components in the coupler,” said Fredrik Jonsson, development manager at Engcon. “You get rid of almost all the hoses, that otherwise can be quite demanding to replace in a tight tool bracket.” 

EC-Oil compatible 

The new modular and hose-free design also means an upgrade to the high-flow swivel, which gets larger channels for increased hydraulic flow. A valued function for those who need oil capacity, for example to operate a flail mower, or similar tools by choosing to directly feed one of the extra outlets, without the need to go through valves.

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“Thanks to the possibility to get both the quick coupler system and manual extra outlets in the same bracket, our customers can now choose to use their existing hydraulic tools with EC-Oil or manual couplings,” Jonsson said. 

“What is unique about our system is that the customer can start with a simple solution and then build on it themselves as and when there is a need for new tools for new assignments. It will also be very easy for the retailer to stock a basic product that can be easily adapted to the customer’s wishes.”

Engcon’s hose-free quick coupler is available worldwide, and has been developed for EC209, EC214, EC219, EC226 and EC233 tiltrotators. Engcon plans to release the quick coupler for sizes EC206 and EC204 in the near future.