Demag’s AC 45 City arrives in North America

Demag AC 45 City

The new Demag AC 45 City crane has now made its way to North America. CraneWorks, a crane distributor in Canada and the United States has recently taken delivery of the newly introduced Demag crane.

With an overall length of 8.69 metres, a width of 2.55 metres and a height of 3.16 metres, the Demag AC 45 City has the most compact dimensions in its class, and is well suited for working indoors, as well as in tight urban environments.

Even though CraneWorks’ new Demag AC 45 City is compact, it is still capable of lifting a maximum capacity of 45 tonnes. It also has a main boom length of 31.2 metres and a maximum system length of 44.2 metres to give it plenty of lifting height and reach whether operating outside or inside.

“We have a lot of customers who work in urban areas,” said Keith Ayers, CEO of CraneWorks.

“It can be a real challenge if they don’t have the appropriately sized crane that can handle challenging lifts. This new unit is everything they want in a crane. It has a compact chassis that can fit where other machines can’t, it has an incredible reach, and it can lift heavy loads with ease. I think our customers are really going to like this crane.”

Like many of the other Demag all terrain cranes in CraneWorks inventory, the Demag AC 45 City is equipped with an IC-1 Plus control system that determines the crane’s lifting capacity for every boom position in real time.

This feature helps reduce the amount of counterweight needed for lifting heavy loads.

Founded in 2002, CraneWorks provides new and used equipment, manufacturer-backed and trained service, extensive parts inventories, and a modern rental fleet. In Canada, the company has an office in Calgary, Alberta, as well as eight locations in the United States.