CZM expands Long Reach series with launch of lightweight LR50 drill rig

Product photo of CZM's new LR50 drill rig, the lightest in it Long Reach series.

CZM Foundation Equipment has introduced an additional model, the LR50, to their Long Reach series of machines. The Long Reach series is a design that brought the performance of CZM’s EK line to a boom-mounted set up with increased reach.

The LR50 is the smallest model of CZM’s Long Reach series mounted on a CAT 323 NextGen base. 

Highlights of this machine include 173 horsepower, 52,900 foot pounds of torque, maximum drilling diameter of 8 feet, and standard drilling depth of 40 feet.

Additionally, it features a main winch line pull of 27,120 pounds with 2 gears for high speed and pulling force, and an operational weight of 75,000 pounds.

The rotary offers three operation and spinoff speeds as well as automatic gear shifting. According to CZM, Its maximum reach of 12 ft 9 inches makes it is ideal for utility drilling, substation work and limited access jobs.

The Long Reach machines are equipped with a specially designed boom with 2 lift cylinders, allowing for a higher torque and crowd force to be applied to the tool. The tool aligns with interlocking Kelly bars making it efficient in rock and hard soil drilling. Round Friction bars are also available for high production in softer soils. 

This model is extremely lightweight and can be transported in one load with the Kelly bar on. Also, it is easily set up without the need of support equipment. It is equipped with CZM’s control system, which allows for the monitoring of drilling parameters, performance of some automatic functions and recording of diagnostics and maintenance data. Additionally, CZM is capable remotely accessing its telematics system to troubleshoot and resolve issues.