Cat’s new D10 dozer is infused with proven technologies

Caterpillar D10 dozer pushes rock
Caterpillar's new D10 dozer.

Caterpillar has introduced its new D10 dozer, which is designed to burn less fuel, increase productivity and improve uptime. 

The new 70,256-kg dozer’s combination of improved technology, longer component life, extended oil changes and increased serviceability reduce maintenance and repair costs by up to 8 per cent, helping the new D10 significantly lower the cost of ownership.

Featuring a stator clutch torque converter and load-sensing hydraulics, the new design is up to 6 per cent more efficient than the Cat D10T2. 

Cat C27 engine

The new D10 is powered by the 602 hp Cat C27 engine, which offers aftertreatment solutions to meet EPA Tier 4 Final and EU Stage V emission regulations.

The C27 switches power settings based on travel direction to offer up to 20 per cent more power in reverse, reducing cycle times. In addition to delivering productivity gains of up to 3 per cent, the new D10 offers up to a 4 per cent fuel consumption advantage over the D10T2 and up to 10 per cent compared to the D10T.

The dozer’s new torque converter design with stator clutch automatically frees up the stator when torque multiplication is not required, improving drivetrain efficiency for reduced fuel consumption.

During high-load and retarding conditions, the stator clutch locks without the need for operator input. Load-sensing hydraulics deliver more power to the ground for increased responsiveness and added fuel efficiency.

New dozer tech

The new D10 dozer cab not only creates a comfortable operating environment that lowers noise, vibration, stress and fatigue, it is an integrated electronic platform designed to maximize productivity. The operator’s new multicolour touchscreen display monitors machine performance and allows machine parameters to be quickly tailored to the application.

The D10 dozer leverages a range of onboard technologies and is future-ready to integrate tomorrow’s technology advancements. Equipped with dual-tilt and Automated Blade Assist (ABA), the dozer reduces operator workload by automating blade movement to preset load, carry and spread positions. As well, the dozer is customizable to site conditions with multiple optional technologies designed to increase productivity and efficiency, including:

  • AutoCarry, which provides automatic blade control during the carry segment
  • Cat Grade Control 3D to precisely positions the blade’s cutting edge for consistent grades
  • Automatic Ripper Control to minimize track slip by automatically monitoring and adjusting engine speed and ripper shank depth

The D10 dozer is able to be equipped with Cat MineStar technologies to optimize grading efficiency and offer remote operating capabilities to keep the operator safe and comfortable.

More news from Caterpillar:

MineStar Terrain with Automatic Blade Control integrates full automatics, blade load and overcut protection into the control system to increase productivity and decrease fuel burn. It minimizes overcut, overfill and rehandling to lower costs.

Optional MineStar Command for dozing features deep integration with the new D10’s electronic and hydraulic systems to deliver remote operation with reduced delay and quick response to commands.

Requiring no on-site network requirements, the portable and lightweight Command console provides quick and efficient line-of-sight remote control from up to 400 metres for operator visibility. For non-line-of-site operation, the Command station features a comfortable seat with familiar controls to flexibly operate individual machines on site or from miles away.

Simplified maintenance

Major components for the D10, including the frame and powertrain, are built to be rebuilt using remanufactured or used parts and components to deliver a cost-effective second life.

As well, life-enhancing upgrades made throughout the drivetrain help to improve component life. Optional Heavy-Duty Extended Life (HDXL) with DuraLink Undercarriage reduces scallop wear, features an 8,000-hour bushing seal life and delivers 20 per cent to 40 per cent longer life than the heavy-duty undercarriage.  

To simplify maintenance, the dozer features replaceable push-arm trunnion bearing inserts. The reengineered engine compartment integrates a single-plane cooling system that is up to 30 per cent more resistant to plugging and improves heat dissipation to extend component life. Its new easy-access radiator door facilitates cleaning. Offering 50 per cent more capacity, the new oil pan improves average oil quality and extends change intervals by up to an additional 250 hours.

Remote Flash and Troubleshoot

Part of the new standard technology package for the D10, Remote Flash and Troubleshoot capabilities improve servicing efficiency. Remote Troubleshoot allows the dealer to remotely run dozer diagnostic testing while the machine is in operation to decrease downtime. Remote Flash allows the dealer to send software updates to the machine, so the D10 operates with the most current software to optimize equipment performance and productivity.