Brandt set to unveil new hydrovac and material handler

Brandt will be featuring its all-new BMH40A material handler and HX120 hydrovac at the upcoming CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2023 tradeshow.

HX120 hydrovac

The HX120 was developed in response to the increasing need for hydrovacs that combine full-sized capacity with maneuverability in tight urban spaces.

The new unit boasts 1,150 US gallons of water tank capacity and 11.6 cubic yards of debris tank capacity, as well as a 28-foot boom reach with 340-degree rotation. It is also the quietest hydro excavator in its class, a major benefit in urban settings.

The HX120 helps underground excavation contractors work more efficiently with maximized legal load weights, quicker debris loading and unloading time, and the capacity to take on larger jobs without load weight concerns. The real-time measurement of water and overall truck weight enables operators to make quick, informed decisions, which reduces the risk of damage or overweight penalties.

“Operators have expressed their thoughts on the ideal hydrovac—one that will meet their unique needs—and we’ve listened,” said Chris Semple, president—Manufactured Products at Brandt. “Through our collaborative product design process, Brandt has consulted extensively with contractors to create a machine that sets the standard for the industry.”

BMH40A material handler

According to the company, the BMH40A is the only North American-designed, -built and -supported material handler on the market.

“The industry has been looking for a heavy lifter that delivers world-class productivity with the round-the-clock support that you typically only get from an onshore-manufactured product,” said Jason Klassen, Senior VP Sales—Manufactured Products at Brandt. “The fact that it is built on proven John Deere components is a huge bonus that means increased uptime and exceptional reliability from the machine.”

Additional features include rapid cycle times that allow operators to get the job done faster, and an energy recovery system and auto-idle/shutdown that maximizes fuel efficiency, contributing to reduced cost of operation and wear of machine components.

The BMH40A was developed through Brandt’s collaborative product design process, which involved extensive consultations with contractors and operators.
“Consultation and collaboration are key elements of Brandt’s business. As a result, we have been able to design a world-class material handler that improves productivity, increases uptime, and provides a lower cost of operation,” said Semple. “The feedback we have received on the BMH40A has been outstanding. The industry asked for this machine, and Brandt delivered.”