Bosch tech helps keep track of your breaker hammers

Bosch Brute Turbo breaker hammer demolition
The Bosch GPS device on the Brute Turbo and the SDS-max hammer retrofit offer always-on location tracking.

The GSH27-26 Brute Turbo from Bosch is the world’s first breaker hammer with GPS tracking that makes sure jobsite managers know where the tool is at all times.

As well, the new GPS25-4 retrofit option brings the same capability to all current Bosch SDS-max hammers.

The Bosch GPS device on the Brute Turbo and the SDS-max hammer retrofit offer always-on location tracking. The device works for months at a time, due to its lithium-ion battery that recharges automatically as soon as the tool is plugged in.

In addition, the tracking device can notify a user about various activities, including non-working hour activation and non-authorized location use. Users are notified about these actions via cellular network on a smart phone.

“If you’re running a jobsite, you need to know where key assets are all the time. The Bosch Brute Turbo Breaker Hammer with GPS along with any Bosch SDS-max hammer featuring GPS retrofit represent important concrete demolition and drilling tools,” said Daniel Dietsche, product manager of Robert Bosch Tool Corporation. “These tools offer the performance users have come to expect from Bosch with an added layer of security.”

The tracking feature, which reverts to cellular network coverage when GPS is not available, can be managed through the free Bosch GPS tracking app. The app can be found online at the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

The Bosch GSH27-62 breaker hammer weighs 29 kg, and provides 1,000 bpm and 43 foot pounds of impact energy.

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The hammer is designed to tackle applications that range from outdoor asphalt work to indoor foundation removal. The breaker hammer doesn’t require a compressor as it is powered by a 115/120V AC/DC 15-amp outlet or a 2,500-watt portable generator. The breaker hammer’s custom cart doubles as a hammer hauler and a hand truck. Truck rails allow the cart to be raised or lowered easily from a truck.

The Bosch Service Minder Brush System shuts the tool off when brush replacement, lubrication or preventative maintenance is needed and a grease-packed gearbox and hammer mechanism eliminate any potential contamination caused by jobsite lubrication.

The GSH27-26 Brute Turbo Breaker Hammer’s Active Vibration Control system includes a longer air cushion in the hammer mechanism that reduces vibration levels at the source. Ergonomic shock-mounted handles complete the vibration control system by providing the user with the lowest vibration level possible without adding size or weight to the tool, according to the company.

The Brute Turbo comes complete with a non-slip rubber cover to prevent the tool from tipping while in storage, a custom cart and four chisels. The GPS25-4 retrofit is available for 10 different Bosch SDS-max hammers that extend from 10-amp power to 15 amps with impact energy from 5.6 EPTA to 17.0 EPTA. No load bpm ranges from 900 to 2,900 bpm. Operation options include rotary hammer and hammer only modes.