Link-Belt expands 2D machine tech for 210 X4 excavators

2D Machine

Link-Belt is enhancing the capabilities of its 210 X4 excavators with the addition of two factory-installed 2D machine grade control options.

The Link-Belt 2D Machine Guidance (MG) system provides operators with visual and audible indication when they are above, below or at their desired target grade.

As well, the Link-Belt 2D Machine Control (MC) system provides the operator with not only visual and audible indication when they are outside of their target grade, but can also control the boom and bucket while the operator controls the speed of the stick to maintain a consistently smooth flat or sloping surface.

According to Link-Belt, the 2D MG and 2D MC systems enable operators to increase their productivity by up to 50 per cent by providing them with more information and functionality.

2D Machine Guidance

“The 2D Machine Guidance system can help improve excavator operations on projects such as trenching for underground utilities and pipelines, digging footers and basements, site prep, building roads and mass excavation,” said Adam Woods, LBX product manager. “Simply input the target depth, cross slope and or mainfall slope required from the job, and the system will provide visual and audible indication to help the operator maintain a desired grade, thus eliminating under or over excavating.”

The 2D MG system uses the existing machine monitor to avoid clutter inside the cab. As well, the system utilizes external inertial measurement unit (IMU) sensors to provide accurate guidance at a lower cost, compared to in-cylinder sensors.

The 2D MG monitor indicates the position of the attachment relative to the target grade at all times, providing the operator the information required without relying on a grade checker. The operator may select from two monitor modes.

“Measurement mode enables the operator to use the excavator attachment as a precise measuring tool,” Woods said. “Guidance mode displays depth, attachment angle, height and depth limitation. Keep in mind that 2D MG is a guidance system only; the operator is in full control of the machine. Studies have shown that operators are up to 30 per cent more productive with 2D MG technology compared to a standard 210 X4.”

2D Machine Control2D Machine Control

The Link-Belt 2D Machine Control (MC) system enables operators to improve productivity and accuracy, while reducing mental fatigue, by automating the movement of the boom and bucket to keep the bucket cutting edge on the desired target grade.

The system is ideal for applications like trenching for underground utilities, pipelines or anything that requires the last pass to perfectly match the desired target grade. The 2D MC system adds a 25 cm Android touchscreen display with a user interface and a machine control joystick in the cab to engage the semiautomatic boom and bucket control.

“The operator controls the speed of the stick while the boom and bucket automatically adjust to maintain the target grade,” Woods said. “The semi-automatic function is intended for the last pass at the desired target grade, not for bulking out or mass excavation. The operator is in full control and can override the semi-automatic function at all times.”

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He added operators are up to 40 per cent more productive using a 2D MC excavator automatics, compared to a 2D MG system.

“Both systems offer great benefits. There will be less rework and lower costs associated with the job because materials are moved right the first time. You’ll finish in fewer passes, utilizing less fuel along the way,” Woods said. “You’ll also reduce time associated with grade checking by eliminating the need for a grade checker in the trench in many cases. By keeping workers off the ground and out of trenches, jobsite safety is enhanced.